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June 30, 2021

What is an Allergy?

With allergy season ahead, learn what is an allergy and how you can prevent allergy attacks.

Are your allergy symptoms seasonal?

Allergies are a type of disease that causes a reaction in the body, causing cells to multiply at abnormally high rates. It can be triggered by a variety of different things, including the environment, genetics, foods, exercise, sex, emotions, medications, etc. Some people are prone to allergies, while others are not. About 50 million Americans - or almost 1 in 5 individuals - are believed to be allergic to certain allergens, such as pet dander, dust, pollen, medications, and many more. Allergic rhinitis is very common. Allergies vary in severity and can be either acute or chronic. More often than not, allergies result in itchiness, a rash, or swelling.

There are several ways to help relieve symptoms and improve the immune system. Antihistamines are drugs used for allergic reactions caused by an allergic disease. That's why people hire air duct cleaning service companies to come out and clean their air ducts on a regular basis. These are available without a prescription and can be found in the form of nasal sprays, lozenges, or tablets. Nasal congestion, itchy eyes and lips, difficulty breathing, coughing, hives and swelling are some of the signs and symptoms of allergic reactions. Taking antihistamines may reduce itching and help to reduce inflammation.

How to Determine if Your Allergy Symptom Set is Seasonal

The best way to determine if your allergies are seasonal or allergic is to have a skin test. Allergy testing kits are available from many local pharmacies. A skin test is performed to look for runny nose, redness, puffiness, itching or swelling of the face and/or scalp. If allergies are determined, a consultation with a physician should be made. In most cases, allergies can be controlled through diet modifications.

Seasonal allergy problems are very common. There are many common seasonal allergy symptoms such as runny nose. Even a dog's seasonal allergy symptom can be treated with seasonal allergy medicine or a seasonal allergy shot.

Allergies Caused by Dust Mites

Many allergies are caused by a dust mite problem. Dust mite allergy treatment is a different topic. We wrote a helpful article on cleaning air vents here. But the best way to know if there is a dust mite problem is with a dust mite allergy test. Dust mites are insects and insect stings are another issue that can cause a severe allergic reaction. These can lead to anaphylactic shock by an overactive immune response.

Alternative Treatments for Allergic Symptoms

When struggling with allergies try a more natural remedy of eating foods enriched with vitamin C

Alternative treatments for allergies are becoming more popular as the number of allergen varieties increase in our environment. Natural or herbal products containing various vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, and antioxidants can be used topically or taken orally to alleviate symptoms of allergies caused by an allergy attack. Some of the more popular natural treatments include: Vitamin E capsules, peppermint oil, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, vitamins A, C and E, zinc, alpha-lipoic acid, licorice extract, green tea and colloidal silver. These alternative treatments should be discussed thoroughly with a physician prior to trying them.

Allergy Shots or Store Medications

The use of over the counter medications for allergies is not recommended. While these over the counter medications do provide some relief of symptoms, the medications themselves may be responsible for further allergic reactions. It is best to consult with a doctor before taking any medications for your allergy symptoms. In some cases, a doctor may recommend the use of an antihistamine along with the other medications to better control symptoms.

Some people find that using corticosteroids, also known as prednisone, may help to alleviate their symptoms. Corticosteroids may help to slow the release of histamine in your body which can lead to additional symptoms. If you are on prednisone to treat your asthma, please consult with your doctor first. They will be able to evaluate your condition and advise you if this form of treatment is right for you. If you are currently on steroidal medication for any illness, it is advised to avoid all dairy products while taking the medication to avoid causing a histamine release and therefore contributing to your allergies.

Home Remedies for Hay Fever and Food Allergy Sufferers

If your symptoms are less than severe, you may wish to consider the option of a home remedy for allergies. Home remedies do not cure allergies but may relieve symptoms. Some examples of home remedies to treat allergies are: eye drops, nasal sprays, hypoallergenic soap, and tablets. If you are considering making an herbal treatment for anaphylaxis, you should check with your health care provider to ensure that you are not under any kind of medical risk and that the ingredients in the herbal treatment are safe for use.

Allergies are very common and can cause discomfort. The most common allergies are pollen, dust mites, mold, dog and cat dander, and air pollution. In the worst cases, an allergic reaction can lead to death. Allergic reactions can be caused by environmental factors (like chemicals in the air, food etc.), food, and seasonal allergies.

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