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Why Regular Duct Cleaning is Important For Air Quality

Air duct cleaning Los Angeles for allergies may seem like a strange concept. After all, what is the purpose this type of cleaning? The answer is that allergies can become worse if a build up of allergens is not removed from the air.

It stands to reason that cleaning allergens, dust, and other pollutants from indoor air ducts can improve air quality in a home or business, and lessen allergy symptoms for many people. Experts agree: duct cleaning is often-overlooked cleanliness practice that can have a significant impact on the health of allergy sufferers. It can improve respiratory symptoms and cut down on the number of colds or flu that a person is likely to contract each year. A clean air duct also has implications for other aspects of health, as some studies have shown that cleaning and disinfecting can reduce the incidence of asthma attacks in children.
This room has a air duct cleaning Los Angeles system that just got cleaned and has now improved the air quality and air flow in the room.

Studies on Dust Mites and Mold Spores

Studies show that dust mites, mold spores, and pollen are some of the most common allergens that cause allergies. Additionally, environmental pollution can also cause allergic reactions, such as when mold spores are introduced into the home after construction has been completed. When any of these substances are present in the home, allergy sufferers should take steps to remove them as soon as possible.

Mold spores can be removed with the right cleaning techniques. Professional carpet cleaners often employ techniques which trap the mold spores and remove them from the carpet fibers. This prevents re-infestation and keeps allergy-infected individuals out of the house. These spores tend to hide in dryer vents too. So regular dryer vent cleaning is critical to remove these spores. In some cases, dryer vents have so much dust and lint, the dryer duct can catch fire.

In addition to removing mold, certain carpet cleaning products contain fragrances that mask the odor of mold. This method is most effective for removing mild forms of allergies, such as atopic dermatitis or eczema. That's why its so important to have a professional air duct cleaning service performed by a qualified air duct cleaning company such as Naturally Green Cleaning.

This man is cleaning out the air duct cleaning system
He is getting the dust out of the air ducts so that the air quality is better and doesn't cause any health prolems
This man is changing the filter in the air duct system. The filter needs to be changed regularly.
This is what an air duct system looks like with vents providing good and clean air.

Airborne Misting Systems to Clean Residential Air Ducts

Professional carpet cleaners often use an airborne misting system, which sprays a fine mist around the room to remove surface dirt and dust. The mist evaporates quickly, leaving behind a fresh clean surface. It is ideal for areas such as tubs, showers, and outdoor decks which are frequented by allergy sufferers. The high concentrations of mold and dust that result from spring cleaning can build up over time in places such as air conditioning vents and hvac system units. However, individuals may need to perform another round of spring cleaning.

An effective technique for allergy sufferers is steam cleaning, which kills dust mites and microorganisms on contact. Steam cleaning removes a host of harmful contaminants, including pollen, mold spores, and dust mites that can trigger an allergic reaction. Steamers can be used to kill dust mites in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Additionally, the heated steam loosens up dirt and grime on furniture.

This man is cleaning out a commercial air duct system. Regular cleaning of these systems helps promote cleaner air quality and helps prevent health problems.
Sometimes dust can get trapped within the vents of your air ducts. Regular cleaning of it can help prevent this.
A clean vent will help move the air more throughly and is good for everyones health and allergies.
These commercial vents need to be cleaned often so that the flow of air is clean

Green Cleaning for Commercial Air Duct Systems

Professional cleaners can also help individuals who have seasonal allergies by providing a dust extractor. A dust extractor is a vaporizer that extracts dust and mite droppings from carpets and furniture. This can reduce airborne particles that cause allergies such as hay fever, bronchial irritations, and eczema. Dust extractors are available for a rental fee. They are effective in removing spores of mold and pollen, which are common allergens during the spring and fall seasons.

An effective allergy cleaning system should include air purification devices to filter the air and provide a healthy environment for everyone. Air purifiers can be rented as well. The filters are designed to remove particles and fumes from the air that trigger asthma reactions and allergic symptoms. Asthma attacks can be avoided with a healthy, dirt-free indoor environment. Clean your home with the right purifier and air cleaner reduces heating and air condition costs.

These 2 systems were just recently cleaned. By cleaning them regularly you help people with asthma and allergies not get sick from the dust that migh be stuck inside
Residential air duct systems should be cleaned as ofen as you can as a dirty air duct system can cause health problems
Having a clean air duct system can provide a healthy environment for everyone.
This commercial air duct system was just cleaned and had the dust taken out of it. The air is now flowing more effiecently.

Professional Vacuum Cleaners Used to Remove Allergens

Professional vacuum cleaners are essential in a responsible care system. Regular vacuuming helps keep dust and dander from settling deep into hard to reach areas and improves air conditioner and hvac unit performance. It also removes dirt from surfaces, which prevents allergens from being blown around. Vacuum regularly to keep your floors, carpets, rugs, and upholstery free of debris and allergens. Dust and mite droppings can make it difficult to breathe and cause sneezing and runny noses.
Mold growth on walls and floors can cause serious health problems for those suffering from allergies and asthma. If mold appears on an area which receives heavy traffic such as a living room or bedroom, take action immediately. Begin using safe household products for cleanup, and throw away anything non-organic that you see that could cause allergy symptoms. Contact mold a remediation professional to clean mold spots and for mold removal.

Indoor environments need to be kept clean to promote healthy indoor air quality. Professional duct cleaning services should be used to remove all allergens from the ductwork. Mold growth can also occur within ducts. These areas should be vacuumed often, and the ducts should be sealed to prevent cross-contamination. This will reduce the number of allergies that result from poor indoor air quality.

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