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June 24, 2021

What is the history of Manhattan Beach?

Manhattan Beach carpet cleaners

What is the History of Manhattan Beach CA?

What is the history of Manhattan Beach California? You may have driven by many beaches in California and wondered, "What is the History of Manhattan Beach?" The answer to that question is the rich heritage of local art, antiques, and crafts, combined with an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. Long before Disneyland, the sleepy little community of Manhattan Beach was an American dream come true.

It all began at the turn of the century when the first "shoreside railroad" opened its doors. This popular service brought people and products from the nearby east coast to this small southern California city. Of course, with the onset of the first transcontinental railroad, the southern exposure of Manhattan Beach became less important. Although the area was never plagued by a deadly earthquake, the constant threat of a hurricane or two always made it important to be prepared.

When World War II came to an end, the nearby San Diego-La Jolla area began to experience an influx of new people. In response, the older, more established residents began to sell their antiques and collectibles to make room for the newcomers. When the weather got cold and rainy, these former residents headed to the warmer, dry climates of Southern California to enjoy the new lifestyle. There they discovered the local treasures hidden away in the sandy soils of Manhattan Beach. Along the way, some of them also discovered the passion for collecting local objects. By gathering the local artifacts, these unique people were able to preserve an oral history that would eventually become the basis for the exciting new Hollywood blockbuster called "The Breakfast Club".

In this movie, the title character cruises through the beautiful landscape of Manhattan Beach looking for the perfect place to enjoy a quiet meal with his friends. At every stop, he visits an actual antiques shop, stops to snap photos with his friends and peers at antique signs. The scenes of these travels are interspersed with conversations that take place between the characters. The interesting part of this entire film is that the antiques store owners actually know every history related to every one of the items displayed in their shops.

Manhattan Beach - Bruce's Beach

The success of "The Breakfast Club" led to other cultural films that took advantage of the seaside town's charm. In the 1994 film "L.A. Connection", Tom Hanks plays a lovable but nerdy high school senior who visits an antiques dealer's warehouse with his friend, played by George Segal (Dabney Coleman). Here, Hanks plays a character whose only passion is to search for rare objects; and that is a result of the local knowledge of the rich history of this once popular surfing destination. In this film, Hanks plays the local shopkeeper whose eccentricities get the guys talking about things that they would never have thought to mention during their everyday lives.

What is the history of Manhattan Beach California? Well, you may be thinking that this is one of the most famous movie locations in the history of Hollywood, but don't forget about the small town of Manhattan Beach itself! A short walk from the sandy shores of Manhattan Beach, sits the original Fashion House of America (which was destroyed in the Second World War). And if you take a look at the area around the fashion house, you can spot authentic vintage clothing shops, old movies posters, and even a real operating pier!

For those who like to take a more serious look back into the past, tours of the local landmarks and spots can be arranged. You can try the Sea World's underwater world tour, go on a scavenger hunt to find lost artifacts, or get your hands on some exclusive pictures and posters from a local artist. On top of the fun, it will give you a great look into the history of the Manhattan Beach California area as well. The rich history only comes around once a year, so it will be very interesting to go and enjoy it while you're in the area. Plus, seeing what the area looked like before the tourists came is fascinating and fun!

If you love history and pictures, you will love what you will see when you visit Manhattan Beach! Get out of your house and see what the locals have to offer by day and by night! The history just comes alive when you are around this wonderful community! Plan your visit today and discover for yourself the beauty and fun of this Southern California paradise!

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