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Are your unique Persian rugs dirty but you're concerned that cleaning them will damage them?

Hey, I’m Bryan, and I’ve developed cleaning solutions that will protect and preserve the colors of your rug and not damage it and our cleaning solutions are also safe for kids and pets.

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We’ll Pick up Your Rug, clean it, and drop it off at no extra charge.

You’ll have your clean looking and smelling rug back in 1 week or less

How to clean a rug professionally?

When it comes to caring for these beautiful creations we are the specialist, we have years of experience with all types of materials and know-how different types of dirt behave on different surfaces so we can tackle any problem with ease! We offer the best residential carpet cleaner services in Manhattan Beach and any other city in the greater Los Angele area. Whether you need to quickly spot clean your carpets or rugs, or a more intensive deep-clean treatment for your carpets or rugs, our experts will make sure your investment shines like new once again.

Persian rugs should be professionally cleaned; any type of deep cleaning needs to be done by an expert. The reason is that the process of dry cleaning can damage your Persian rug making it lose its luster and vibrancy, which is the opposite of what you want. You see, Persian rugs are known for their rich colors and luxurious feel so professional cleaners use the best methods to keep these qualities intact. If you attempt to clean your Persian rug on your own with just a dry cleaning method it will probably not be good enough which means that you would need to go back again and have it professionally cleaned.

We Guarantee your Rug will look as good as new - 100% satisfaction guaranteed


How do Persian rugs get their dark colors?

There are two ways that Persian rugs get their dark colors: the first is by using aniline dyes and the other is through a process called "flash dyeing." Aniline dyes tend to be much more expensive as they produce deeper, richer tones. However, flash dyeing produces less fade and color bleeding and is naturally brighter.

Can I shampoo my Persian rug?

Avoid using cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals as they may cause damage to your Persian rug.

Can I use my steam cleaner on a Persian rug?

No, you cannot use a steam cleaner for rug cleaning as the intense heat could damage the fibers within the fabric. If you have any stains on your Persian rug, dry clean it instead of steaming it.

Can I use hot water pressure to clean my Persian Rug

Yes, you can use hot water pressure to clean your Persian rug. The key is to make sure the wet steam is not too hot so it does not damage the fibers in the fabric of your Persian rug. Although this method works for most types of stains, certain tough stains may require you to bring in an expert Persian rug cleaner to minimize damage.

How do you get the smell out of a Persian Rug?

The best way to do this is by using a dehumidifier that will remove the moisture and dry out the rug. You can place it in an area with good airflow, but make sure it's not too close to any heat sources as this could cause damage to your Persian rug.

You can also use baking soda or charcoal sheets to absorb the smell over a few days.

Does baking soda get pet stains out of rugs?

No, baking soda is not a good way to get pet stains out of oriental rugs. It's best to use professional cleaning methods as the heat and chemicals used may damage them if done incorrectly.

How often to clean Persian rugs?

It is recommended that you clean your Persian rug at least once a year. The frequency of cleaning depends on how much traffic and dirt your rug sees each day, and the type of fibers (natural, synthetic, etc.) from which the rug is made. For example, some types of natural fibers will require more frequent cleaning.

To keep your carpet looking as nice as possible, it's important to vacuum it regularly. It's also important to clean all carpets, not just rugs. Persians typically have a pile height of one inch or less, so don't forget to vacuum near the edges of the rug as well as in the middle

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