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Carpet Cleaning: Gardena

Carpets are ideal floors for homes, offices, and other business environments. They’re warm, welcoming, and great for walking on when you take your shoes off at the end of a long day. There’s just one problem: they get really dirty, really fast especially in the family room!

That's not normally a problem since you can call a carpet cleaning service to thoroughly clean the carpets and rugs of your home or office building. But although every carpet cleaning service ostensibly does the same thing, there's a big difference in the services and quality you'll get between providers.

A family-owned company, we offer Gardena carpet cleaning and other cleaning services for all types of homes and businesses. Indeed, we're a carpet cleaning and restoration company unlike any other. We are eco-friendly, committed to excellence, and use specialized cleaning products that won’t cause allergic reactions in you or your family members or coworkers.
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Gardena Carpet Cleaning Services We Offer

When it comes to top carpet cleaners, no one offers more specialized services than Naturally Green Cleaning. Even better, we offer same day service for clients in the Hermosa Beach, South Bay, and Orange County areas.

Carpet Cleaning Gardena

For starters, Naturally Green Cleaning provides the best carpet cleaning service you’ve ever seen. Carpet cleaning is high on major household concerns and they get abused frequently, whether from pet paws, toys from your kids, spilled food and drink, and more.

Left unchecked, your carpet color could fade, it could rip, and it can even start to smell quite bad! Fortunately, Naturally Green Cleaning’s carpet cleaning service is professional, efficient, and can make your carpet look like new.

With our carpet cleaner service, we will transform the inside of your home and give it a brand-new look. Our green cleaning products are just as effective as traditional carpet cleaning solutions, but you won’t have to wait for hours or even days after we leave to enjoy your home’s carpet once again.

When it comes to major carpet cleaning, odor removal, mold removal, and more, we're the team for you!
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Stain Removal Gardena

Let’s face it – stains are a fact of life. Whether you accidentally spill a glass of wine or have a new puppy, it’s impossible to prevent stains from occurring on your carpet over time. But with Naturally Green Cleaning, you don’t have to worry about stains or spills.

In fact, we offer a professional stain removal service using our eco-friendly and organic cleaning products. Don’t leave stain removal to chance or to store-bought products that you can’t really trust. We have pioneered a new way to remove stains while reducing how much cleaning solution is needed during our house calls.

We put less of a strain on the environment and won’t use too much water on your carpets and around furniture, thereby reducing the odds of mold or mildew forming. Our professional stain removal service can save you money and return your carpet to its previous state, just like new.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Gardena

Home carpet cleaning isn’t the only thing we’re good at. In fact, we also offer commercial carpet cleaning for you and your company no matter the size of your office or the type of carpet you have.

The majority of commercial carpets have synthetic fibers that can store harmful substances such as formaldehyde and acetone. If you try to use commercial or traditional cleaners, you might accidentally exacerbate their danger or set off everyone’s allergies.

Thanks to our organic and proprietary cleaning blend, Naturally Green Cleaning can clean the carpets of your office in no time just as effectively but without the risk of allergic reactions. Additionally, we use less water compared to many traditional carpet cleaners, but we can clean the same amount of space in the same amount of time!

In other words, our commercial carpet cleaning service is efficient, eco-friendly, and excellent through and through. Since California is always at risk of another drought, we’re the wisest choice for commercial carpet cleaning and similarly big jobs.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Moving day can be a hassle whether you are moving out of an apartment or moving an entire family from a two-story home to a new place across the state. In any case, odds are you don’t want to have to deal with cleaning the carpets in addition to packing up all your stuff.

Let Naturally Green Cleaning do the heavy lifting and clean the carpets of your previous home or apartment in no time. We can be in and out and even work around your moving arrangements so we don’t get in your way.

Alternatively, you can schedule us to clean the carpets of a new home or your old home while you aren’t there. Are the carpets of your new home a little worse for wear? Schedule a cleaning service with us and we will make sure they are spic and span before you arrive.

Pet Odor/Pet Stains Removal

We love our pets, but there’s no denying that they are oftentimes smelly or messy. Pet messes on hardwood floors are fairly easy to clean up, but what about carpet? You don’t want to make a mess of a stain or drive pet fur deeper into your carpet fibers so that it’s almost impossible to clean without deep cleaning.

Luckily, Naturally Green Cleaning is fully specialized to remove pet odor and stains from your carpet no matter what. Even better, because we use a special cleaning solution, you don’t need to worry about our cleansers causing allergic reactions for you or your family or being dangerous to your beloved pets.

With Naturally Green Cleaning, you’ll get your carpets cleaned without any risk of reactions, poisoning, or anything else. We’re quick, thorough, and can make your carpet look as good as new even if you have multiple furry friends living at home!
naturally pet stain removal

Rug Cleaning

A great rug can really tie the room together and complete the look of your apartment or home. But from time to time, you might spill something on the rug, causing a stain. Or maybe your pet regularly gets your rugs dirty by tracking in mud from outside with their paws.

No matter what, you can call on Naturally Green Cleaning for in-depth, high-quality rug cleaning that can simplify your own cleaning routine. But we aren't just good at cleaning basic or cheap rugs. As a professional carpet cleaning service, we can also clean specialized or antique rugs including Persian rugs and Asian rugs, taking into account their unique fiber compositions and cleaning needs. We can even tackle area rugs with our European area rug cleaning service!

Remember, each of our services is performed with a gentle, proprietary cleaning solution. As a result, the rugs we clean will last longer and look better than before. Unlike other carpet cleaning services, we don’t strain your rugs, remove their color, or leave them looking secondhand and ratty.

At Naturally Green Cleaning, we clean rugs just as well as we clean carpets… and we can clean the carpets underneath your rugs at the same time, if you prefer.

The Naturally Green Cleaning Difference

All carpet cleaners scrub your carpets and use specialized formulas to get rid of dirt and gunk ground into their base layers. So why choose Naturally Green Cleaning over the competition? Not only do we offer outstanding customer service. We're also a carpet cleaning company that offers several major benefits that set us apart from other carpet cleaning services in the LA area.

Experience and Cleaning Mastery

When you hire someone to clean your carpets, you don’t want amateurs scrubbing soap into the floor or soaking your carpets so it takes days to fully dry. That’s just one big reason why Naturally Green Cleaning is the number one choice for residential or office carpet cleaning: our experience and mastery of eco-friendly cleaning.

Certifications and Industry-Proven Expertise

Each of our industry-certified cleaning experts has a lot of experience cleaning carpet, upholstery, tile, and other surfaces. In addition, we train our staff so they know how to use our proprietary, specialized cleaning products to their utmost efficiency.

Even our owner, Bryan Angstman, has an extensive history in environmental consultation (15 years, in fact!). Simply put, Naturally Green Cleaning offers the expertise you want when you trust someone to clean your carpets the right way in the right timeframe.


Speaking of timeframe, you don’t want your carpets to remain wet or soaked long after we head out the door, right? Good news: you’ll never have to worry about that since our proprietary cleaning formulas ensure that your carpets will be dry within a couple of hours after solution application.

That’s right – no need to step around the carpet for a day or more, and no need to open all the doors and windows just to ensure the carpet dries appropriately. When Naturally Green Cleaning is on the job, you can rest assured that your appointment will be done on time and that your carpets will dry quickly so you can get back to using your office or home ASAP.

Extend the Life of Your Carpets

We don't just do things fast; we also clean your carpets so that they last for a long time to come. Part of that is because of our proprietary cleaning products, but the other part of the equation is our extensive experience cleaning all manner of carpets and materials.

With Naturally Green Cleaning, cleaning your carpets will make them look nice but won’t wear them out or require you to change your carpets completely in a year or less. Say goodbye to mold growing under your carpet or on torn carpet patches.

When we clean your carpets, they last for much longer. So not only do they look good as new, but they act good as new, too!

Allergen-Free Cleaning

Let’s be honest: a lot of the most common carpet cleaning products are pretty tough on the nose, eyes, and even lungs. That’s usually because traditional carpet cleaning products use a lot of synthetic chemicals, which can play havoc on your body and the air inside your home or office.

Sure, they get the job done, but they’re not really necessary. That's why we use allergen-free cleaning solutions at Naturally Green Cleaning. In this way, you can enjoy a safe, fragrance-free, and chemical-free cleaning service without compromising the quality of the cleaning itself.

It’s all thanks to our proprietary cleaning solutions, which were formulated with the environment and your safety and comfort in mind.


We aren’t called Naturally Green Cleaning for no reason. In fact, we are the number one natural carpet cleaning service in the entire Los Angeles area! We've committed ourselves to doing our part for the environment in two ways:

• We use a special, proprietary cleaning formula that doesn’t harm the environment, your carpet, or your body

• We try to use as little water and resources as possible

For example, our owner, Bryan, uses a hand pump sprayer to dispense every drop of our special carpet cleaning solution during the cleaning process. Why? Because a hand pump sprayer doesn’t use water or electricity to the same extent as a mechanized or automated cleaning tool. Now that’s dedication to the environment!

Other Ways We Help the Environment

This dedication to eco-friendliness is seen in other ways. Not only is our carpet cleaning formula organic, but we also leverage specialized, low moisture carpet cleaning techniques. These cleaning techniques do just as good a job as traditional methods, but they use less water: a major concern in the Southern California area, where droughts are very common.

This provides a big advantage to your carpets, as well. By using less water, and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals entirely, you don't have a lot of gunk soaking in your carpet fibers after the cleaning service. This improves the health and eco-friendliness of your home or office for the long term.

What Kinds of Cleaning Products Do We Use?

To clean your carpets thoroughly and safely, Naturally Green Cleaning uses a proprietary organic cleaning solution developed by our owner, Bryan Angstman.

Our Green Carpet Cleaner

He created this formula after seeing the sensitivities brought about by traditional cleaning solutions, then partnering with the developer John Watt.

Together, both Watt and Angstman developed a plant-based carpet cleaning solution derived from organic compounds. It's phosphate free, fully biodegradable, and does a great job of tackling any carpet issues.

Other Green Cleaning Supplies

That cleaner formed the bases for future green products.

In fact, Naturally Green Cleaning now uses an all-purpose cleaner, a floor cleaner, a screen cleaner, a leather cleaner conditioner, and a spotter. You can even purchase these all-natural, organic cleaning solutions online for use in your own home or office environment!

Why Do We Use Green Carpet Cleaners?

The benefits of these specialized cleaning products are multi-fold:

They don’t soak into your carpet the same way, so you don’t have to deal with fumes that stick around long after we leave

They clean your carpet capably and thoroughly

They don’t cause allergic reactions or physical sensitivities

They’re not toxic to the environment, which is a big priority for everyone

Ultimately, these organic cleaning solutions help set us apart from the competition and make us the most eco-friendly carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service in the Gardena  CA area.

Other Services We Offer

We offer:

Mattress Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Gardena

In the end, no one can make your carpets cleaner than Naturally Green Cleaning. So why wait in setting up an appointment?

Contact us at (562) 471-3915 for a free estimate, visit us in-person at 1240 Rosecrans Ave #120 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, or visit our website and schedule your appointment ASAP! Whether you need your home carpets clean, the entire floor of your office done, or something in between, we can and will do the best job possible.

We're your Gardena carpet cleaners!
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What Makes Gardena Special

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Gardena Genesis Community Church is a multicultural, multi-generational church in the city of Gardena, California. We are deeply committed to life, love, and following the Galilean Carpenter as our Savior and friend. We are a loving and authentic church that believes in being inclusive and serving our community.

As coined by Pastor Derrick, we are a church of "WOUNDED HEALERS" who allow Christ to take the shattered pieces of our brokenness and use it to do some AMAZING THINGS!

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