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Custom-Formulated Organic Cleaning Solution

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My quest for organic cleaning solutions began when I was working at the University of Minnesota for the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, where we did sick building syndrome investigation. One thing I noticed while doing these investigations was that certain cleaning solutions were bothering people with allergies or sensitivities. This was one of the major reasons I began an all-natural carpet cleaning business. I knew that cleaning with natural organic products was better for people’s health. I thought I could offer people a healthy alternative.

Naturally Green Custom Formulated Organic Cleaning Solution
One problem I ran into was that the natural cleaning solutions on the market most often bothered my clients’ sensitivities, and nothing cleaned very well. I struggled through the first few years trying to make bad products work. But I finally decided that if I was going to continue in this business, I needed to find an organic product that would not bother my highly sensitive clients and will clean as well as the best synthetic product on the market. When I started calling companies that produced green carpet cleaning products, I was literally laughed at and told I had my goals set way too high. By luck, I attended the Huntington Beach International Surfing Open and found a booth of all natural cleaning products that I thought worked amazingly well. They were scented with essential oils, which would be a problem with a good portion of my clients, but I got the number of the developer John Watt.

Creating Natural Organic Solutions

John and I sat down and began talking about what I wanted in carpet rug and upholstery cleaning solutions. I found out that John had been creating natural cleaning solutions for over 25 years. Like me, he was focused on creating plant-based cleaning solutions that offered no harm to humans or animals. My background in science and fabric care seemed to make us a perfect team. Where he lacked information on how different fabrics reacted to ingredients, I was able to fill in the blanks. He understood what was needed to make powerful cleaning possible.

We developed our initial solution in about 2 months, and it worked better than anything I had used previously. The problem we were finding was that my clients with strong sensitivities were having issues with this solution because of a strong citrus odor. So back to the drawing board we went. It took us another 3 months to develop a solution with almost no odor. We came up with a cleaning solution that is so gentle on fabrics that it works great for wool, yet cleans so well it challenges the top synthetic cleaners on the market.

Never satisfied with the ordinary, we have gone on to develop unique products and cleaning systems for specialty carpet, rug and upholstery fabrics. From our carpet cleaning services to developing an ideal upholstery cleaner, we have stayed committed to natural, organic, green solutions, But our main goal with all these products is cleaning for the health of our clients.

We are now working on a full line of home cleaning products and have available an all-purpose cleaner, a floor cleaner, a screen cleaner for phones and other devices, a leather cleaner conditioner, and the best carpet upholstery spotter on the market.

carpet cleaning system
laptops-screen cleaning
natural organic cleaning

All Purpose Cleaner: This is perfect for keeping your counters, tables, cabinets, etc. clean with a natural, no-odor product that really works. We are soon coming out with organic, essential oil fragrance versions for those of you who do like a lovely natural scent.

Floor Cleaner: I grew up with a Mom who used Pine-Sol. I remembered the strong odor and realized that it represented clean in my mind. We developed this floor cleaner with no scent and it cleans with all the power needed. But I created a version using eucalyptus essential oil to fill my need for a powerful fragrance.

Screen Cleaner: Our screen cleaner is amazing. It cleans device screens and also protects via a natural polymer that resists smudging and dust. I use it on my mobile phone and have found it resisting the oils from my fingers. Because of that, the bacteria counts on my phone are extremely low.

Leather Cleaner Conditioner: Most of our clients do not clean and condition their leather furniture. We see dry and cracking leather furniture all the time. So we try to educate our clients about how very important a regular cleaning condition is for leather. Our product has been developed to make it an easy, one-step process to clean and condition leather furniture.

Spotter: Our spotter was developed to be used in professional carpet cleaning, but it is so safe, effective, and easy that we decided it was a product we needed to get to our clients. Now we want to make it available to everyone.

These products are now being offered directly to our clients, and starting late Summer 2016 they will be available for sale online

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