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December 30, 2020

Don’t Make Your Oriental Carpet Threadbare

a bunch of rugs that are laying on the ground.

A lovely oriental carpet

is a great addition to any home décor. They are striking and colorful, and add a touch of elegance to the environment. However, oriental rug cleaning may be a challenge. Do you know what materials your carpet is made from? Are the dyes natural or synthetic? If you are anywhere in the west Los Angeles communities, you can get professional advice and cleaning from Naturally Green Cleaners. Your stylish carpet will get the best treatment available.

A Brief History of Oriental Rugs

The woven carpets and rugs that we call “oriental” were first made in regions where the people needed protection from the dramatic climactic conditions. The nomadic people tended to live in tents, and spent most of their time sitting on the floors of those tents, because everything had to be easy to transport. Heavy furniture would be too much of a problem. To make the floors of the tents a little bit more comfortable, they began to create carpets, which created a softer surface to sit and walk and sleep on. These rugs also protected the people from cold or rough ground.

Because the nomads tended to be shepherds, the rugs were usually made from the wool of the sheep and goats they owned. They would use natural dyes from the plants and minerals around them.  And because humans like to have beautiful things around themselves, the carpet makers began to weave decorative patterns into the rugs.

As trade and travel grew during the Middle Ages, these wonderful pieces spread from their places of origin in the Middle East and southern Asian homes into the castles and palaces of Europe. Because they were finely made by hand, with rich colors, they became greatly prized, a factor that continues to this day.

Because they are so highly valued, for many owners maintaining them is a primary concern. The aspects of area rug cleaning which best preserve the nature of an oriental carpet are very important to consider.

What They Are Made Of

These days, oriental rugs are made of several different materials

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Synthetics and Other materials

Each of the materials used can require special handling, so it would be wise to know what your particular oriental rug is made with. Wool can be a hardy fabric, of course, but silk will require special and careful handling. Likewise, some modern synthetic fibers do not react well to certain chemicals that might be in cleaning fluids.  Also, the various dyes that may have been used could require special handling. Some natural dyes need to be washed very gently, or else they will fade away. Other dyes might react badly or change color if treated with an unsuitable substance.

If you take the advice of green carpet cleaners like those of Naturally Green Cleaning, you can feel assured that your carpet will be treated gently and careful, and will not suffer damage from the cleaning process itself.

Keeping the Rug Clean

Home life brings all types of dirt and debris to carpets and rugs. We humans and our pets can track in substances that can dull and damage our carpets. In addition to the basic cleaning of imported dirt, homeowners may also have to concern themselves with pet stain removal. All of these matters are of concern, especially if you are also interested in being environmentally conscious.

If you are seeking organic carpet cleaning anywhere in the Los Angeles region, contact Naturally Green Cleaning. Our team uses specially prepared “green” cleaning substances that will protect the environment – and yourselves – as well as do the best job in getting your carpets and rugs clean. We take care in the process of cleaning your carpets, using a low moisture process that dries more quickly than other methods.

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