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December 27, 2020

Touchy Feely Can Become Ouchy From Chemical Cleaners

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Everyone wants their home to be comfortable and clean, so dealing with problems like carpet cleaning or pet stain removal can be a high priority. Often people get so focused on getting the place cleaned that they do not consider the possibility that cleaning substances can be irritants or can even provoke allergic reactions. If any of the residents are elderly or are very young children, some consideration should be given to how easily they can reaction to potential toxins.


Chemicals in the Household

When the homeowner selects cleaners for various household tasks, some consideration should be given to the potential for skin irritation. Some cleansers might not seem particularly hazardous, but users need to understand that they may dry out skin with frequent use. When skin becomes dried, it is much more susceptible to irritants. Dry skin will crack, exposing the more tender dermis under the surface. Cracked skin can allow possible infection as well.

It is important for users to read the directions for handling cleaning substances, especially if they have a long series of tasks ahead of them. Taking steps to protect the skin by wearing gloves is one precaution. Another can be to regularly rinse off the exposed skin surfaces, to make sure the cleansers are removed from contact.

Skin Sensitivities and Allergies

Some people have very sensitive skin, which will react quickly to irritants. Other conditions can also affect how someone’s skin might react to the presence of cleaning chemicals: sunburn is one such condition; recent ailments that have affected the skin could also increase sensitivity. And then there are contact allergies that many people suffer. The thing to be cautious about contact allergies is to be aware that even the residue of the chemical on surfaces might provoke an allergic reaction. This is one reason to be cautious about chemicals used on carpets and upholstery.

Green Solutions

Although selecting “green” cleaners might not totally alleviate the problems of irritants for the skin, they are usually a much better choice all around. Many such cleansers are organic substances, being much more natural than chemical compounds assembled in a laboratory. Even then, if allergies are a consideration for the user, they should make sure that the contents of the green cleaner are not an allergen for any of the residents of the home. Still, over all, there is a greater likelihood of everyone dealing well with a green cleaning substance. Be wise and just start with the green option.

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