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January 2, 2021

Battling Carpet Mildew with Green Cleaning Methods

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When carpets develop mildew and mold, they can become a challenge for commercial carpet cleaning. Such mildews can provoke problems for many people either with allergies or asthma. Many cleaning processes use a good deal of water, and sometimes the carpets do not dry adequately due to any number of reasons. There are solutions to these problems, however, solutions that can be environmentally friendly.


Causes of Carpet Mildew

There are certain situations where carpets can become vulnerable to molds and mildew, calling for special carpet cleaning processes. Mold spores need favorable conditions to grow. Those conditions require oxygen, moisture, a food source, and a growing surface. Since we don’t usually think of damp being a condition of our floors, we have to pay attention to how moisture can settle in the carpet.  Wall-to-wall carpeting, for instance, might trap moisture from high moisture cleaning processes, where it never adequately dries out.  Some steam cleaning processes might cause this, if they use much water. This can provide the mold spores with a ripe environment to grow. When carpeting is laid in basements or rooms below ground level, it might also have a difficult time drying out.

Low Moisture Cleaning

Because many environmentally conscious carpet cleaners what to prevent having their work create additional problems for their customers, they have moved away from high-moisture processes. Low moisture carpet cleaning was developed in response to the green concerns. Instead of drenching the carpet with water, other methods are put to work.

In addition to wanting to avoid excessive use of water, green carpet cleaners want to avoid using potentially toxic substances. The low moisture cleaning systems often use dray compounds are part of their process. The aim of the compounds is to unbind soils and stains from the fibers of the carpet. After a short period of time, these compounds would then be vacuumed up. With a low moisture process, the carpet could also be thoroughly brushed, where the water used helps dislodge the dirt.


Thinking Green For Cleaning

The growth of green cleaning processes reflect the growing interest in over-all environmental concerns. Individuals and businesses are giving their attention to making sure that they are not adding drastically to detrimental conditions. Businesses that add green procedures throughout their operations can receive international can receive recognition for their endeavors in being environmentally friendly. This can cover everything from careful water usage patterns to wise handling of waste disposal, green personal cleaning substances to organic carpet cleaning. Large businesses may maintain their own staff to handle these things, but small businesses that want to join the green revolution need to look for cleaning companies that specialize in environmentally friendly procedures. In Los Angeles, Naturally Green Cleaning specializes in such services. Being green is easier than it used to be.

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