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March 29, 2018

Do You Know the Easiest Carpet to Clean? You Might Be Surprised

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Which type of carpet is easiest to keep clean? Well, that’s actually a bit of a loaded question. There are a lot of factors that go into keeping your carpet clean. There are different kinds of carpets that tend to last longer in good shape. If you’re good at keeping your carpets clean, and you work with the type of weave and fiber your carpet has, you can help make it last a long time if you use a good carpet cleaning service. If you’re looking for a gorgeous carpet that is also easy to maintain and resists wear, there are plenty of choices.

So, Where to Start?

The first thing to do is buy a good quality carpet. If you’re buying budget or bargain brand carpeting, you’re not starting on the right foot. A handy tip to tell if you’re looking at high-quality carpet is to bend its fibers back. If you can see the carpet backing when you bend it back, you’re looking at a low-quality product.


Nylon is the strongest fiber for carpets. Nylon’s resistance to abrasion, insects, molding, mildew, rot, and chemicals is unmatched. In addition, upkeep is a breeze, and you can even dye it. Another feature for nylon is that it’s static free. Nylon carpets also hold their fiber height and resist stains really well.


Wool is the perfect product for the all natural household. It’s luxurious and strong. Like nylon carpets, it holds its fiber height very well. Wool carpeting is soft to the touch and incredibly dense. Because wool fibers are so dense and opaque, they hide soil much better than the synthetic carpet fibers.

However, wool carpets require more maintenance. They fade in sunlight and they’ve got a low resistance to stains, and the chemicals used to remove said stains.


You’ll frequently hear acrylic fiber called man-made wool because it’s a synthetic fiber that provides the look and feel of wool, but doesn’t cost nearly as much. Acrylic fibers are resistant to static electricity, moisture, mildew, fading, staining, and sun damage. However, acrylic fibers aren’t really durable enough for high traffic areas.


Olefin, or polypropylene, is a great choice, next to nylon. These fibers have the benefits of being colorfast and abrasion resistant. They also resist mildew and moisture very well. They’re incredibly easy to clean, and strong enough for high traffic areas. It’s even been used as artificial sports turf on occasion.


Polyester is a budget material, and in particular Polyester Recycled Carpet Fiber. Polyester carpet fibers don’t hold their fiber height very well under traffic, but they’ve got a luxurious feel, and they’re durable against abrasions. Polyester fibers are also resistant to water-soluble stains, which makes them easier to clean.

Blended Fibers

Blends, usually made with nylon and olefin, are resilient; but, because they’re a combination of fibers, they resist stains unevenly. Some stains stand out a lot on blended fibers.

Now that you know about some different types of carpet fibers, the choice is up to you. However, it is highly recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned regularly. Naturally Green Cleaning specializes in natural cleaning methods without the harmful chemicals. We feel that we're the best carpet cleaning company Manhattan Beach and Los Angeles has to offer. Call (310) 467-6809 to see how Naturally Green Cleaning can help you.

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