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January 7, 2021

Being a Green Business

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There is a growing consciousness in business communities about being environmentally friendly in all aspects of the business, from green office cleaning to applying eco-friendly building designs or adaptations. As individual citizens become more environmentally aware, they want to give active support to businesses that also invest consciously and purposefully in doing what they can to “be green.”

What is LEED?

One of the highest profile aspects of green awareness in business circles is LEED Certification. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which involves a set of rating systems for buildings, businesses, homes and neighborhoods, covering aspects of the design and construction of green buildings as well as the operation and maintenance of them. Each aspect contributes to the over-all rating of a place, and no prospect is over looked. Attention to eco-friendly issues covers everything to the products used by the janitorial staff for stain removal to the effectiveness of using solar panels as an energy source.

Thinking Green for a Business

If a small business is only renting their work space, they may not be able to set their sights on the higher levels of LEED Certification. But that does not mean they cannot still work and operate on the best of green principles. Selecting eco-friendly products for their restrooms can be the simplest of beginnings. After that, when they are making plans to hire carpet cleaning services, they can take into consideration whether the service providers actually use green carpet cleaning practices. A few simple questions asked of service providers can make a big difference. By taking steps to make sure that green options are available – whether it is recycling plastic and glass containers as well as paper, to using green cleaning services, to installing solar panels for energy conservation. Being Green is easier than it was years ago. There’s little reason not to start now.

Daily Green Mindset

For the small business that becomes serious about becoming environmentally aware, taking small steps toward a totally “green” operation are easy enough. The company washrooms can be supplied with easily degradable bathroom tissues as well as organic soaps that do not contribute to water pollution. Receptacles for plastic bottles and aluminum cans can be placed in the staff lounge area. When having workers in to do maintenance on the flooring, companies can choose providers that specialize in things like organic carpet cleaning.

When you set your mind on the small daily choices made to stay green, it becomes easier to integrate those concerns in company plans for the future. When it is part of your every-day consideration, being green becomes part of the company identity in the minds of the people around them. And when they decide that they are looking for an eco-friendly business to patronize, you will be right there at their doorstep.

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