Green Cleaning: What is It?

Low moisture carpet cleaning service is green cleaning in Los AngelesLow Moisture Carpet Cleaning is the Green Choice!

Steam is not green cleaning! Water is becoming a precious resource and we need to avoid polluting it as much as possible. Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning uses 2-5 gallons of water per 1000 square feel of carpet while Steam Cleaning will use 50 to 80 gallons of water per 1000 square feet. With traditional cleaning methods, the 30 to 50 gallons of water that is picked up is contaminated and by law needs to be treated. The remaining 20 to 30 gallons of contaminated water is in your carpet and pad. This amount of water will not dry sufficiently in the 5 to 6 hours before mold starts to grow compared to Low Moisture having a 1-2 hour dry time.

Green Cleaning means a low carbon foot print

Low Moisture also leaves only 1/20th the carbon foot print of Steam Cleaning. Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning with Natural Organic Solutions cleans your home or business better while protecting you and our planet.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning almost doubles the life of your carpet!

Studies done by major motel chains done in high traffic areas with quarterly carpet cleaning have shown that low moisture cleaning almost doubles the life of your carpet. When compared to high pressure hot water cleaning (steam cleaning), the carpets cleaned with low moisture lasted 13 years on average compared to 8 years with those cleaned by steam cleaning.

The low moisture system gives you years more on your carpet if you clean on a regular basis.