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February 11, 2021

Scent Sensitivity and Cleaners

Many carpet cleaning services deal with making sure that their cleaning products do not adversely affect their customers, whether by contact or by scent. It is one of the aims of green cleaning services to provide non-toxic solutions to all the cleaning challenges they face. From skin sensitivities to respiratory allergies, cleaning experts have to be aware of many possible reactions.

Cleaners and Allergies

It’s important for a cleaning service to take the threat of an allergic reaction seriously. An unanticipated allergic reaction on the part of a customer could have serious consequences. Many services have developed cleaning methods, such as low moisture carpet cleaning, which create fewer problems for sensitive customers. But the obvious things to be aware of, like specific chemicals and conditions, are not the only concerns. Some customers may also be sensitive to the scents and odors.

“Fresh Scent” Cleaners

Throughout the years, commercial products have had various scents added to them that we have come to associate with “clean”: lemon and pine, for instance. That is one reason why so many cleaning products are given scents. Even some natural carpet cleaning products are given “fresh scents.” But for a certain percentage of the population, even a scent can provoke unpleasant physical reactions.

Sensitivity to Scent

Sensitivity to scents and odors is also called perfume intolerance. It happens when someone is allergic or sensitive to the ingredients of a product. Usually, it will manifest as a skin sensitivity, also called contact dermatitis. In one study, a third of the people questioned said that scented products irritated them. Even if an actual allergy is not part of the cause, the sensitivity reaction can be strong enough to make the person very uncomfortable.

One of the choices available to people in cleaning things like their carpet is to avoid chemically synthesized cleaners in favor of organic carpet cleaning products. These often have scents that are less strong. But even something labels “scent free” might contain ingredients that can irritate the very sensitive.

Developing Natural Solutions

Savvy green carpet cleaners like Naturally Green Cleaning work to develop natural solutions to these types of problems. With Naturally Green Cleaning, you will find a line of products that were developed specifically to address scent sensitivity problems. If you do have sensitivities to odors, it is important that you let your cleaning service technicians know this. Innovators like the Naturally Green Cleaning team give you the very best in safe and green cleaning products. If you'd like your home carpets cleaned in Manhattan Beach, CA, or any other city in Los Angeles, contact us for a free price quote.

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