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Cost of Living in Playa Vista, California

The Westside Los Angeles neighborhood of Playa Vista is home to the Hughes Aircraft Company from 1941 to 1985. Here, the company built the H-4 Hercules, or "Spruce Goose," here. This community is home to many creative and technology companies. Today, Playa Vista offers a unique mix of residential and business properties and is a walkable place to live. Read on to learn more about the neighborhood and what you can expect to live here.


Playa Vista is located in Los Angeles County, California. The nearest major city to Playa Vista is Los Angeles, which sits to the North East about 12 miles away.
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The walkability of Playa Vista

One of the benefits of living in Playa Vista is its walkability. According to the city's demographics, approximately 63% of the residents live in renter-occupied homes. So, while it's not a transit-friendly neighborhood, the walkability of Playa Vista is quite good. Even if the city is not transit-friendly, it offers plenty of walking and bicycling routes. And, it's very safe, especially for young children.

This Los Angeles neighborhood is a great place to live if you're trying to get out and explore Los Angeles on foot. This up-and-coming neighborhood is located just southeast of Marina del Rey and southwest of Culver City. It breaks the stereotype that L.A. residents aren't as active as they should be, and it's straightforward to get around without a car in this community.

It has a great location, near Los Angeles' best beaches, and it's home to some of the state's best bike paths. Formerly the headquarters of Howard Hughes's plane company, Playa Vista is now a mixed-use community with more than 15,000 residents. Another 5,000 are expected to move into the neighborhood over the next few years. Playa Vista offers an exciting mix of entertainment, dining, and walkability.

Los Angeles County is home to more than 10 million people and the city of Los Angeles. Despite its reputation as a wrong place to live, many of the city's neighborhoods are walkable and qualify for a Walk Score (r) of four. You can easily walk from one part of the city to another without ever needing to use a car. For example, there are many free parking lots throughout the city. In addition to being car-free, Los Angeles is also near public transit stations and Metrorail stations.


The Westside Los Angeles neighborhood of Playa Vista was the former headquarters of the Hughes Aircraft Company from 1941 to 1985. The neighborhood is also the site of the construction of the Hughes H-4 Hercules "Spruce Goose."

Currently, around 5,000 to 6,000 people work in Playa Vista, and that number is expected to double in the next few years. It is located between Culver City and Marina del Rey. It is home to the Ballona Wetlands, a 600-acre nature preserve that is visited by hundreds of bird species. And it backs onto the Westchester Bluffs. So whether you want to live in a trendy, contemporary neighborhood or a classic bungalow, there's an option for you in Playa Vista.

Playa Vista is conveniently located near other major cities if you're planning a road trip. Several large cities have major airports, making it easy to book flights between them. In addition to large cities, there are smaller cities close by. These cities are great for road trips and exploring the surrounding area. For example, if you're looking for flights near Playa Vista, CA, you can search for a flight to Los Angeles, California.

The proximity of daycare centers is also essential for parents who work full-time. Playa Vista is home to many good childcare facilities, including Saint Gerard Majella Children's Center, Rise 'n' Shine Child Care, and Ourbabyluv. Another perk of Playa Vista is its proximity to urgent care centers. A short drive to the Los Angeles International Airport will save you from spending a lot of time driving to a doctor's office.

If you're relocating to Playa Vista, you may want to consider the neighborhood's demographics before deciding on a particular home. Many of the houses in Playa Vista seem similar, but that doesn't mean they have pleasant neighborhood associations. Besides, the neighborhood may lack amenities and a friendly homeowners association. Some people enjoy the city lifestyle, while others are more comfortable with the suburbs. A walkable city, open spaces, and nature are all good qualities.

Number of creative and tech companies in Playa Vista

One of the benefits of moving to Playa Vista is the number of creative and technology companies in the area. The neighborhood is home to over 10,000 people, and it breaks the stereotype of traffic-saturated California by allowing residents to get around on foot. In addition to being convenient to the beach, residents also enjoy easy access to shopping, dining, and recreation. They'll also find plenty of creative and tech companies in Playa Vista.

The number of creative and tech companies in Playa Vista increases as the region's creative economy continues to flourish. While DTLA and Santa Monica are home to the LA tech industry, Playa Vista is an ideal location for creative and tech companies anticipating future workforce growth. In addition, while Los Angeles is home to a diverse and thriving culture, Playa Vista is also a hub for the tech and media industries.

Among the creative and tech companies in Playa Vista are Google, Facebook, and the Institute for Creative Technologies at USC. This area has a rich history of innovation. Playa Vista was transformed into a hub for tech companies and creative industries by Howard Hughes. He opened a factory in the 1960s that still houses some of the world's largest corporations. While it is a bustling business community, it also hosts several outdoor events, including the LA Film Festival.

While Silicon Beach is home to many tech companies, Playa Vista has its own unique culture. The area was once an aircraft plant and now boasts a zipcode all its own. The community is highly connected, with new developments like Everly and Marlowe. In addition, its prime location near Silicon Beach makes Playa Vista an ideal location for startups. There are several thriving tech companies in Playa Vista, including Google, Yahoo, 72andSunny, and USC's Institute of Creative Technologies.

The region is also home to the Campus at Playa Vista, where creative companies can set up shop. According to realtors and the media, the area has become a tech hub with over 500 tech companies. YouTube and 72andSunny both chose Playa Vista as their headquarters, and Google has just purchased twelve acres for creative offices. This has made Playa Vista the preferred address for both tech companies and entertainment professionals on the Westside.

Cost of living in Playa Vista

Are you considering Playa Vista, California, as a possible relocation spot? If so, you might be wondering what you can expect in terms of the cost of living. As a Southern California city, Playa Vista is relatively affordable and has low crime rates compared to many other areas. Its median rent of $1,535, for example, is relatively reasonable for an area near the water. Here's a closer look at the cost of living in Playa Vista.

Playa Vista's cost of living varies from one neighborhood to another. As a result, various housing options are available to residents, ranging from market-rate apartments to affordable ones. Apartments in Playa Vista are available from the Irvine Company, Lincoln Property Company, and Phoenix Property Company. In addition, there are numerous affordable apartment complexes, including Crescent Park Apartments, The Ventana Apartments, and Woods Senior Apartments.

In Playa Vista, the cost of living is relatively low. The average cost of rent is $2,269 per month, which is in the 74th percentile compared to the city's average of $1,998. Renters in Playa Vista typically spend 32% of their income on housing. The cost of living in Playa Vista is primarily correlated with home values, with the median home price at $1,106,782. The median home price in Playa Vista is also higher than in the neighboring neighborhoods.

Playa Vista's property taxes are generally higher than in the surrounding communities. The community maintains common facilities and amenities such as pools, gyms, conference rooms, etc. Homeowners will be part of the Playa Vista Community Association (PVPAL), which collects dues from all residents and manages them. The general property tax rate in Playa Vista is approximately 1.21%. The average cost of living in Playa Vista depends on the size of your home, location, and amenities.

There are many community activities in Playa Vista, including a weekly farmers' market at Runway Playa Vista. For outdoor activities, there are many opportunities to explore. Playa Vista also hosts virtual events to keep the community safe and active. You'll also find a host of events geared toward families and children. This city is a great place to raise children and raise a family. The local school district is Cedars-Sinai, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a quality education. There are also public schools available and private universities near Playa Vista.





Is Playa Vista a rich neighborhood?

Playa Vista is a new neighborhood that was established in 2002 as a model urban community. The area sits alongside the Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica Bay. It is home to several tech companies such as Yahoo and Facebook. This affluent community is mostly composed of condo living. It also has a single elementary school, Playa Vista Elementary.

In the 1940s, Playa Vista was the site of the Hughes Aircraft Company, which was owned by billionaire aviator Howard Hughes. The Spruce Goose was also built in the neighborhood. Today, Playa Vista is emerging as a tech hub in Los Angeles. The area is home to massive offices for Facebook, Google, and Yahoo!, as well as companies like Entertainment Arts and The Honest Company. It is also home to a large number of startups.

The neighborhood is a good choice for people with a variety of lifestyles. The residents of Playa Vista are educated and successful and enjoy proximity to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. The community is home to 29 parks and community events. A number of schools are located nearby.

Home prices in Playa Vista are considerably higher than the national median. The median listing price for a home in this neighborhood is $1,595,489, which is higher than 95.5% of US neighborhoods. Rent prices in the Playa Vista neighborhood are also higher than average.

What is Playa Vista known for?

Playa Vista has long been home to the Hughes Aircraft Company, a private company founded by billionaire aviator Howard Hughes. In 1947, the company built the Spruce Goose, the world's largest airplane. Today, Playa Vista is a technology hub. Major offices for companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo! are located here, as are the headquarters of the Entertainment Arts Company and the Honest Company. The area also hosts a growing number of startups.

Residents of Playa Vista can choose from upscale restaurants and dining establishments. The HopDoddy Burger Bar and SOL Mexican Cocina are just a couple of the options. The neighborhood is also home to the Ballona Freshwater Marsh and the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve. This reserve covers 600 acres of salt marsh and wetlands.

Playa Vista is a vibrant community on the Westside of Los Angeles. It is home to many tech companies and is considered a part of Silicon Beach. Some of the best-known companies in this area are Google, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, YouTube, and Belkin.

What was Playa Vista before?

Before Playa Vista was developed, the community was undeveloped. The area was originally owned by Howard Hughes and his company, Summa Corp., which began planning for development in 1978. At the time, the land was worth $1 billion. As part of the development plan, 92 acres were set aside for the Ballona Wetlands.

The area was once primarily an agricultural area with dairy farms, but the town soon became a center for the Southern California aircraft industry. For many years, the Howard Hughes Aircraft Company had its headquarters in Playa Vista, and it produced the famous Spruce Goose airplane. Today, the area is home to a mix of residential and commercial developments. It also retains a significant amount of open space.

Thousands of years ago, the land around Playa Vista was a salt marsh. The Los Angeles River eventually shifted south to empty into San Pedro Bay, and the Tongva people inhabited the area. Their ancestors buried their dead in the large burial ground near the Westchester Bluffs. Spanish settlers called the area Rancho La Ballona. In the early 1900s, oil was found in the wetlands. This discovery spurred development on the western edge of the marsh. The area was later renamed Playa del Rey.

The area also has plenty of upscale dining options. You can find upscale restaurants such as HopDoddy Burger Bar and SOL Mexican Cocina. The area also features a Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve and Ballona Freshwater Marsh. These wetlands are over 600 acres of salt marsh and wetlands.

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