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Inglewood, California - A Vibrant Community

Inglewood is a city in southwestern Los Angeles County, California, United States. Its population was 107,762 at the 2020 U.S. Census. Inglewood is home to many businesses, especially those in the entertainment industry. In addition, its largely Hispanic population, sizeable commercial district, and a council-city manager government system make it a popular place to live. Learn more about Inglewood, California, at the links below.


Inglewood is located in Los Angeles County, California. The nearest major city to Inglewood is Los Angeles, which sits to the North East about 9 miles away. The city is located four miles from the Pacific Coast beaches. Inglewood is a vibrant, working-class community located just south of the City of Los Angeles. While historically predominantly white and black, it is now dominated by Latinos. The city is home to the Hollywood Park horse racetrack and the famed Randy's Donuts, which features a two-story donut sculpture. Located in the shadow of LA International Airport, Inglewood is a great place to raise a family and make friends.

The city is divided into three parts. The southern part is the Morningside Park neighborhood, which is bordered by the Crenshaw Boulevard, which was initially a branch of the Santa Fe railroad. On the eastern side of the city, Morningside Park is the commercial district and is centered on Morningside Park Boulevard. Crenshaw Boulevard and Century Boulevard also bound Morningside Park. The town has several schools, including Century Park Elementary and St. John Chrysostom Elementary School. Inglewood is part of the Los Angeles County school district and has many parks, restaurants, and shopping districts.

The city is primarily residential, but there are some attractions worth visiting. The Kia Forum is a multi-purpose indoor arena located adjacent to Los Angeles. The historic Centinela Adobe, also known as La Casa de la Centinela, was built in 1834 and is a city landmark. Inglewood also features Randy's Donuts, a local bakery, and a landmark building. You'll find some excellent restaurants and coffee shops in the downtown area, but you'll still want to eat out at a restaurant for a meal.

It has a council-city manager type of government

The City of Inglewood is a government style known as a council-city manager. The Inglewood City Manager functions as the city's general manager. He reports to the City Council and works directly with the department heads. Both the mayor and city council members report to the people living in their district, and the City Administrator does their job by implementing the wishes of the majority of the citizens.

Inglewood is a charter city of California, which means that its fundamental law is laid out in its Municipal Charter. The charter, which was ratified by the city residents and approved by the state government, defines the roles of various city officials. This chart gives the city government an overall framework for its operations. The city has two elected positions for mayor and city manager: the mayor and the city manager.

Inglewood has a median age of thirty-one, which is lower than the nation's average of 36. Its median household income is $31,400. It has an ethnically diverse population, with nearly 13 percent of residents being foreign-born. And it is located near the Southside of Los Angeles. The city is home to the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers. Super Bowl LVI is scheduled to be held in Inglewood in 2022. The Los Angeles Lakers played at The Forum until the Staples Center was built Downtown.

Inglewood has an Arts Commission. This commission is responsible for voicing the arts in Inglewood. Members of the commission are Kali Nikitas, Althea Metcalf, and Anne Cheek La Rose. They do not have formal office hours, but their agendas often contain hundreds of pages of supporting documents. They also hold ceremonial appearances and informational meetings. These meetings are also live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

It has a large Hispanic population

Inglewood is home to a significant Hispanic population, making it a diverse community. The Hispanic community in Inglewood makes up almost half of the population - 49.5% of the city's population. The city's population is also large and diverse. The city is home to approximately 109,673 residents, with a density of 12,062.1 people per square mile (4,657.2 people per km2).

Inglewood's Hispanic population has risen dramatically in recent years, growing 134 percent since 1980. This increase represents the highest increase among the South Bay cities. This increase can be attributed to several factors, including economic ones. For example, Inglewood has more affordable housing than elsewhere, which has helped attract new Hispanic residents. Inglewood's Anglo population declined from 21 percent in 1980 to 8.5 percent in 1990, reflecting a growing Hispanic presence.

The demographic transition in Inglewood is similar to that of the rest of California. It is now a majority-Hispanic city, reflecting the state's changing demographics. The demographic shift from black to Latino coincides with an overall increase in California's Hispanic population. Although there are still many white residents in the city, they are only 6 percent of the total population.

The area is home to the Inglewood Rams baseball team, which is part of the Inglewood Cultural Arts, Inc., a nonprofit multidisciplinary arts organization. Founded in 1947, the SoFi complex includes residential housing, offices, and restaurants. Inglewood is also home to the Southeast Symphony Association, a cultural and musical organization. Since 1997, this organization has been providing music and performing arts to the community.

It has a significant commercial district

Inglewood, California, is a thriving urban area with a diverse population. The average age is thirty years old, which is considerably younger than the average Los Angeles population. The city is also remarkably progressive, with residents who are highly educated, innovative, and thirsty for progress. In addition, it is home to a mix of indigenous people and immigrant groups. The city's economy has grown in recent years, with a decrease in crime and increased investment in infrastructure. The city's popularity as a host to professional sports teams has also helped its finances.

Inglewood is a part of Los Angeles County, which is governed by the Charter of the County of Los Angeles. The county government consists of a five-member Board of Supervisors and various county departments. The city also hosts the Los Angeles International Airport and the SoFi Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Rams. Although the city does not have a large downtown area, it features numerous businesses.

The city's residential population is also expanding, as new construction is underway in the neighborhood. In addition, the new Crenshaw Line station is set to bring more office and residential space to the neighborhood. However, longtime residents are concerned about increased housing costs and displaced tenants. Currently, California is facing a severe housing shortage. The immediate solution to this problem is to build more housing, and Inglewood's plans for new, dense apartments will help alleviate the housing shortage. However, these new units are unlikely to be affordable for many residents.

Inglewood's commercial district features a mix of restaurants, boutiques, and retail establishments. Many of the shops are owned by Black millennials, Generation Xers, and a combination of racially diverse residents. While non-Blacks own some stores, many of them are operated by white people. And many new businesses are opening up in the area. In addition, the city is becoming a center for entertainment and technology.

It has a horse racing track

Inglewood, California, is home to a thoroughbred horse racing track. Once called Hollywood Park, it was about 3 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport and adjoined the Forum indoor arena. In 1994, a casino was added to the racetrack complex. It has been a favorite spot for local horse racers for more than a decade. But the casino closed in 2011.

Inglewood was chosen initially because of its flat rancho land and ocean breezes, which kept the city significantly cooler than inland Los Angeles. But its relatively quiet community had its share of critics who were concerned the track would disturb the neighborhood's peaceful lifestyle. Yet, the community was overwhelmingly supportive of the project in the end. After all, the city was the first Breeders Cup race site. And it was a hotbed of celebrity gossip.

The Hollywood Park complex contains the Hollywood Park casino and horse racing track. The complex is also home to La Casa de la Centinela Adobe. Though Inglewood is not a tourist destination, it is an important center for collegiate and industrial activity in Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles Rams' stadium is located under the Hollywood Park complex, which is home to a major NFL stadium. It is the largest stadium in Southern California and attracts fans from all over.

A year ago, photographer Carolyn Asselin visited Hollywood Park during the height of its popularity as a horse racing destination. She lived and worked in the Los Angeles area and had a studio within half a mile of Hollywood Park. During her visit, Asselin was preparing for her next big project, which required her to travel to Los Angeles. In addition, Asselin had just completed a large portrait-based project and was seeking a different kind of photographic assignment.





Is it safe to walk in Inglewood?

t's not safe to walk around alone in Inglewood at night. There are a number of unlit alleys and areas, so tourists are advised to avoid these areas. The area is also known for its gang culture, which means that you should avoid walking alone at night in the neighborhood.

The crime rate in Inglewood is moderately high compared to other cities, but it is less than 5% of the national average. You'll still want to be cautious walking around at night, and you should consider riding your bicycle or walking in pairs. Also, it's not a good idea to go out alone during the early morning hours.

Although there are some instances of theft, these crimes generally last only for a short period of time. There were fewer than 260 property crimes and violent crimes during the first half of 2020. These crimes were mostly vehicle theft and aggravated assault. You can ride public transit and avoid these areas if you're alone.

Inglewood's crime rate varies by neighborhood. It can be as high as 1 in 19 in the west or as low as 1 in 27 in the southwest. However, these statistics aren't easy to compare. If you want a quick comparison of the different neighborhoods, you can look at the city's crime map. The map looks like a population map, so you'll be able to see the crime rate by neighborhood. You'll notice that northwestern Inglewood has a higher crime rate than northeast Inglewood.

Is Inglewood CA a good place to live in?

When it comes to education, Inglewood offers some of the best schools in the state. Many of these schools offer strong academics as well as extracurricular activities for students to enjoy. As a result, parents can rest assured that their children are receiving an excellent education. Other benefits of Inglewood include its great shopping opportunities.

Cost of living is an important consideration when moving. Inglewood's cost of living is above average compared to the national average, and higher than most cities in California. There are also some areas in the country where the cost of living is higher. Housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, health care, and miscellaneous goods will be more expensive in Inglewood than in other cities.

If you're planning on purchasing a home in Inglewood, you should consider the cost. Inglewood's median house price is $547,467, which is above the national median of $376,286. It's also higher than many cities in the United States.

Is Inglewood a suburb of Los Angeles?

Inglewood is a growing community with a mix of commercial and residential areas. Its iconic mid-century buildings and public art are among its attractions. You can try out old-school Soul Food and West African cuisine at some of the many restaurants and cafes. Inglewood is also home to the Forum, where you can enjoy major concerts and musical acts throughout the year.

Inglewood is home to 42,778 people and a culturally diverse urban neighborhood. About 70% of the population is African-American. The crime rate in the area is low, though violent crimes take the lead over property crime. For this reason, it is a safe place to live, but you should be aware of your surroundings.

Inglewood is home to many businesses and industrial structures. The downtown area and Fairview Heights are experiencing the biggest development boom in the last century. This has put pressure on the city to build denser housing. To meet this pressure, the city has developed specific neighborhood plans, including plans for greenspace and retail.

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