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A Guide to Carson California

Located in Los Angeles County, California, the city of Carson has many famous landmarks. This southern city is only 14 miles from Los Angeles International Airport and is just 13 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Nearby schools include UCLA and USC. Median home values in Carson are around $663,500. For more information, check out this guide to Carson, California. Here you'll learn about popular attractions, universities, and other important points of interest.


Carson is located in Los Angeles County, California. The nearest major city to Lomita is Long Beach, which sits to the South East about 7 miles away.

Famous landmarks

If you have never been to Carson, California, you should definitely visit it! The city is located in Los Angeles County in the south bay area. It is only a little over thirteen miles south of downtown Los Angeles, and it is just fourteen miles from the Los Angeles International Airport. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the city's most famous landmarks. After all, that's what California is all about, right?

Visiting the city of Carson will provide you with the chance to enjoy a lively arts and culture scene. There are numerous exhibitions, historic walking tours, art galleries, public murals, performing arts, and more. You can even enjoy a summer jazz festival if you love the music scene. The city has plenty of things to offer residents and visitors alike, so you're sure to find something that appeals to your tastebuds.

One of the most notable historic buildings in Carson is the Paul Laxalt Mansion. This Neoclassical house was built in 1859 and was the home of Nevada Gov. John E. Jones. He lived in the house from 1895 to 1896. His house features a unique design that's sure to capture your attention. Also, don't miss the Louis Prang House, which was built in 1864. Prang created the first painting-like prints for the public. If you're in the area, make sure you visit this historical landmark.

If you have never visited Carson, be sure to plan a trip! The city is an excellent location for an adventure in the south bay region. There are plenty of places to see, from the famous coastline to the historic downtown district. In addition to the famous coastline, you'll have a chance to visit the Rancho Palos Verdes, 120 acres of green space, and even a local amusement park. You won't regret it!

Median home value in Carson

The median home value for Carson, California is $663,500. This figure is an average of the entire housing stock and represents the middle tier of homes. In a market that is growing by about 11% per year, this number should be low. However, it's important to remember that median home values can be affected by seasonality and other factors. T

In June 2022, there were 124 homes for sale in Carson. Of these, 16 were newly listed. There are also fifteen homes listed for rent in the city. These homes can be rented for between $2.3K and $250K a month. There are several different types of listings available in Carson, CA, including foreclosures, recently sold homes, new home communities, and more.

The median home price in Carson, California, rose 5.2% from May to June 2020. The median price in Carson, California, is now 6.63 million - an increase of nearly $10,500 from June of last year. This is still much higher than the historic median change of 2.4 percent from May to June. The price increase in June 2020, however, is expected to be less than in the previous two years.

Nearby universities

Whether you are looking to earn your bachelor's degree or pursue a doctorate, you'll find a wide variety of degree programs and accredited trade schools in Carson, California. Skilled trades include HVAC, welding, mechanics, and truck driving. Medical career options include dental assistant and medical assistant. Online courses in business administration, medical billing, and other fields are also available. For your search, you can also filter the results by price, bedroom number, and type of home.

Located within a 50-mile radius of Carson, there are 105 colleges and universities. These schools enroll 995,445 students. The distance between the colleges and Carson is shown on the map, and the driving time is approximately an hour and a half. The California Institute of Technology in Pasadena is the top-ranked college in the region, and the University of Southern California is the largest. In addition to traditional colleges, there are community colleges in Carson that offer affordable public education.

For those looking to further their education, the California State University at Dominguez Hills was founded in 1965 and is the state's largest comprehensive university. The campus is approximately 346 acres and is 20 miles from Los Angeles. Those seeking bachelor's degrees may find the programs offered at this institution to be useful and relevant. A few other nearby universities include:

Venice Beach

A half-hour drive from Carson California will get you to Venice Beach. This famous beach is great for swimming, sunbathing, and cycling. Besides the ocean, you can visit the boardwalk with shops, street performers, and restaurants. If you're looking for more activities to do in Carson, you should take a trip to Santa Monica Pier, a popular destination that's just ten minutes away. There, you can enjoy Asian fusion cuisine and visit Hiccups, a unique tea house.

The city of Carson is a great place for families and couples. This city is close to downtown Los Angeles and is only fifteen miles from the beach. It is a good place to spend the day because of its beautiful climate. It's also convenient to coastal areas. The famed coastline is only six miles away, and you can enjoy the views of Rancho Palos Verdes. You can also enjoy 120 acres of green space for outdoor recreation.

The neighborhood surrounding Venice Beach has many attractions. It is bounded by Ocean Ave, Pacific Avenue, Washington Boulevard, and Venice Blvd. Parking is available on the street, but it's often hard to find free parking in the neighborhood. The Venice Boardwalk and the Venice Canals are located on South and Central Venice Blvd. These are both popular attractions that you should not miss if you're in the area. The canals were built to replicate the canals in Venice, Italy, and were home to a variety of colorful houses. Gondoliers poling through the canals is a common sight.

If you're looking for a great place to stay in Carson, you can find a cheap hotel near the beach and close to downtown Los Angeles. These accommodations will save you money, as they're located in low-income areas. If you're traveling for business or pleasure, you'll have no problem finding a place to stay. A stay at a budget-friendly Carson hotel will give you the luxury and convenience you need.

Go Kart World

If you're looking for an exciting, outdoor place to go karting, then consider the multiple-track go-kart park at Go Kart World Carson, California. This family-friendly attraction features party rooms, bumper cars, arcade games, and more. After a long day of racing, reward yourself with a snack and a refreshing drink at their cafe. After all, you're working up an appetite! In addition to its go-kart track, this location has bumper-car racing and a snack bar, and a full-service bar.

This fun-filled family outing has something for everyone, from young to old. Kids can enjoy single-seater karts on the Slick Track to the fast Turbo Track. Parents can race alongside their children in a two-seater kart on the Turbo Track. Rookie Karts are specially designed for kids, so they can enjoy the thrills of karting without the risk of losing control of their karts. Moreover, all go-karts come with roll bars and safety bumpers to ensure a safe driving experience.

Guests can try their luck on any of the six tracks available at Go Kart World. They're continually adding new tracks, and each course offers a unique layout. There's a Mini Indy track, Formula Track, Super Track, and Slick Track, and even a Kiddy Track where little ones can practice their driving skills. Each race lasts about three to four minutes, and the karts can be purchased in advance for the duration of their visit

The park opened in 1993 and features six world-class go kart tracks. It's not a typical go karting track, but this outdoor venue has other attractions for the whole family, including bumper cars, arcade games, and a kiddie track. And if that's not enough, Go Kart World Carson California offers group packages and discounted rates and offers private events. You can even host a birthday party or a corporate event at the park!





Is Carson California a good place to live?

Carson is a small city in Los Angeles County with a population of 91,714 people. It is about fourteen miles south of downtown Los Angeles and has a median home value of $513,500. The median household income is $123,256 per year, which is about average for the state and California. The city is popular for its good schools and close proximity to Los Angeles. However, it has a high cost of living. This may be a factor when considering whether or not to move to this city.

There are some good places to eat in Carson. The town offers a variety of restaurants, including Dominguez Park, Farmer Bros Co., Red West Pizza, SteelCraft, R & R Soul Food Restaurant, and US Donuts. It also offers many fast-food options, including Lucio's Restaurant.

What is the racial makeup of Carson CA?

The race and ethnicity of people in Carson is diverse. In 2010, the city's population was 91,714. Twenty-nine percent of residents identified as Asian, including twenty-nine percent of Filipinos and 0.8% of Japanese and Korean residents. Additionally, 0.9% of Carson residents identified as Pacific Islanders, which includes Samoans and Micronesians.

The median age of residents is 46.0. Carson has a lower percentage of non-citizens than many places in the metro area. The city is also more racially diverse than most other cities in California. Among non-citizens, 34.1% of Carson's residents were born in South East Asia or the Middle African Region.

While most of the population of Carson is white, nearly one-fourth is Hispanic. The city is also home to a population of Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders. Approximately 16.3% of the population of Carson, CA is employed in government jobs. The median household income of Carson residents is $82,305. Eighty percent of the population lives in a home owned by an owner, while twenty-one percent of Carson residents live in a home rented by an owner.

Amid its diverse population, the city has a relatively low poverty rate. According to census data, one out of every 9.5 people in Carson, California live below the poverty line. The poverty rate in Carson is 9.7% for men and 5.4% for women.

What is the crime rate in Carson California?

According to the FBI, the crime rate in Carson is slightly higher than the national average but not nearly as high as in some other cities. As a result, residents in Carson have a 1 in 36 chance of being a victim of a violent crime. However, this does not mean that the city is any less safe than other cities in the state.

In the city of Carson, there are nearly 600 crimes each year. However, the rate of crime in the southeast and central areas is only 47 per year. The central and southeast areas of Carson contain more retail establishments, and many crimes take place in these areas. However, a red area on a crime map does not necessarily mean a danger to a resident.

The city's crime rate is lower than the national and state averages. The number of violent crimes in Carson is slightly higher than the national average, but property crimes are significantly lower than those in most cities. Overall, the city has a crime rate of 26 per thousand residents. The rate of property crimes is 21 per thousand people.

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