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Alondra Park, California

Listed below are some details about Alondra Park, California. The article will provide you with the Location of Alondra Park within Los Angeles County, the schools in Alondra Park, and the average household income in this area. It will also give you an idea of the type of lifestyle that is available in Alondra Park. We have also included helpful information about the area's weather and safety, as well as a map of the neighborhood.

Location of Alondra Park in Los Angeles County

If you're looking for an affordable place to stay in Alondra Park, California, then you've come to the right place. The Alondra Community Regional Park is an 84-acre park operated by the County of Los Angeles. The park is located in a residential area and features an 18-hole public golf course, sand volleyball courts, a gymnasium, and a children's play area. You'll also find picnic shelters and facilities. The nearest major city to Alondra Park is Long Beach, which sits to the South East about 11 miles away.

The Department of Recreation and Parks is the county's official department for local parks and recreation. Its staff provides a wide range of recreational opportunities and programs for residents and visitors. The department manages over eighty parks, natural areas, wildlife sanctuaries, trails, arboreta, and cultural venues. Visitors can enjoy the outdoor recreation and social opportunities in one of Los Angeles County's parks.

Alondra Park Lake is an outdoor fishing spot. During the cooler months, Alondra lake is stocked with rainbow trout. During the warmer months, this lake is stocked with catfish. Anglers can also catch bluegill, crappie, largemouth bass, and carp. The park also has barbecue grills and a skateboard park. A fun day at the lake will bring a family together for some fishing fun.

Schools in Alondra Park

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the best schools in Alondra Park, California. There are various public and private schools in the city, and they all boast excellent teaching faculties. The great thing about schools in Alondra Park is that they're close to your home, making them convenient for your children. Some of the most popular schools in the city include Southwest Community Day School, Kit Carson Elementary School, Mark Twain Elementary, F. D. Roosevelt Elementary School, and Purche Avenue Elementary School.

The public school district of Alondra Park has public school and public university, private school, and post-secondary school. Alondra Park's public schools have a graduation rate is 75.4%. Overall, Alondra Park public schools are outstanding, but there are some concerns. For example, the average salary for middle school teachers in Alondra Park is $0, and the number of high school students is 0.

The population in Alondra Park is approximately 43,000 residents. It is a desirable city for families with children and offers a wide range of activities and schools. Alondra Park schools are excellent for a family looking for a new home. Alondra Park's schools are fantastic, and the city has a thriving business community. However, some homeowners may not be very accommodating. Some homes may also lack sufficient parking, and some neighborhoods may be too cramped.

The Alondra Community Regional Park, also known as El Camino Village, is the largest park in the area closest to the ocean. It is 53 acres in size and includes a lake and prairie. Its unique design is an oasis for migratory birds, and the community is also surrounded by the city of Gardena, Torrance, and Hawthorne. However, it is still a beautiful community, with many amenities and places to visit.

The climate in Alondra Park, California, is moderately warm, with temperatures below 50Fdeg on 120 days of the year. The city has a low annual precipitation rate of only 12.7 inches, equivalent to two days of moderate rain. The average annual humidity is low, at 71.6% and below 60 percent for 261.2 days of the year. Alondra Park, California, is home to a diverse population.

Average household income in Alondra Park

In Alondra Park, California, the median age is 36.5. The population is divided between native-born citizens and foreign-born residents. Of the population who are at least 18 years of age, 70 percent are born outside of the United States. The most common places of birth for foreign-born residents were Mexico, China, and the Philippines. The median household income in Alondra Park is $61,865.

While the median income is higher in some cities, the median income in Alondra Park, CA, is lower. The average income is $54,666, and residents of this community are not likely to own a home. Despite the low cost of living, many residents in Alondra Park commute to work by car, bus, trolley, or foot. In addition to car ownership, residents of Alondra Park also ride bicycles or walk to work.

The cost of health care in Alondra Park is much lower than the national average. Approximately 74% of residents pay taxes in Alondra Park, which is lower than the average cost in California. However, this figure excludes the cost of other standard taxes. Regardless of the level of health insurance coverage, California has a high average tax burden. The average tax collection for a resident of Alondra Park is $4,424 annually.

Rent is the second-highest expense in Alondra Park, CA. At $1,927 per month, renters in the neighborhood spend about 32% of their income on housing. The city's median home price is $672,058, but rents tend to be lower than the national average. As a result, the median home price is only slightly higher than the median rent, which is a good indicator of housing affordability in Alondra Park.

The median household income in Alondra Park is $63,368. This is slightly less than the ninety percent of high-income households in 90504 and 90260. However, the percentage of high-income households in Alondra Park is significantly less than the same-sized portion of households in 90249 and 90254.

This information comes from the Census Bureau. The US Census Bureau compiles the data, and the data used is derived from the American Community Survey 2020 five-year estimates. The data are in inflation-adjusted dollars and were downloaded on 17 March 2022. The data for Alondra Park is based on the Los Angeles County average. This information should not be confused with any other data, but the information contained herein helps determine housing affordability in the area.

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