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February 23, 2021

Important Strategies For Routine Cleaning amidst the pandemic

Routine Cleaning

When we talk about routine cleaning, most of us think it is when you clean your house from top to bottom. However, considering the pandemic, routine cleaning has become a completely different process compared to regular household chores. Let us see some useful tips for daily or weekly house cleaning.

Routine Cleaning: You can begin with disinfecting surfaces by wiping them daily using damp mops or rags. When the area is heavily soiled, you can disinfect them with commercial goods like Biocides and other disinfectants. There are also other options like rubbing alcohol, vinegar, club soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc., which can effectively clean thick soiled surfaces.

Disinfect surfaces: Each surface in your home, whether wall, cabinet, windowsills, etc. should be free from germs and germ-like organisms. For this purpose, you should apply disinfectant sprays, or whether you are using a chemical compound, you can double-bag the areas, or wipe off the harmful substances. The disinfectant spray can be applied to wet surfaces, or you may use it by wiping it on the surface. This will kill the germ-like organisms living in that face.

If there are problems with your venting ducts, you can call up your HVAC technician and they will clean the air ducts for you. There are lots of advantages of normal cleaning of the HVAC system. If you're using a commercial dehumidifier to remove excess moisture, then it will benefit your indoor air quality as well. If you're utilizing an air-to-air Vacuum, subsequently the dehumidifier may benefit your HVAC system, because the humidified atmosphere helps in removing microbes and bacteria that are present in moist and humid surroundings.

Hand washing machine

Hand washing machine: Even if you have some precautions concerning the use of a hand washing machine and gloves, it’s alright to carry out regular cleaning activities at home. It is possible to wash your hands with soap and water, and you can use paper towels or napkins for drying your hands. These surface-friendly procedures help in reducing the odds of getting contact ailments or other similar hazardous conditions. However, whenever you don't have an appropriate hand washing station, it is advisable to wear protective gloves.

General precautions: Another crucial step towards cleansing the home properly would be to maintain your environment clean. If you're using cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners and dusters, you need to keep them away from food particles, cigarette smoke, biohazardous materials, etc. Aside from this, if you are performing the cleaning tasks yourself, you should also take into account some security measures. As an example, you should wear disposable gloves, since they may shelter you from the dangers of chemical burns.

Disinfection: You should also be cautious when dealing with cleaning implements such as analog and mechanical scrubbers, and brushes. Always remember that even though they are designed to clean and disinfect the surfaces, they should not be used for functions aside from disinfection.


Proper Utilization of Soap: There are certain strategies for cleaning and disinfecting with the assistance of additives. To start with, you shouldn't combine the cleaning alternatives, whether they're liquid or powder, with any type of detergent or soap. Whenever you are handling soaps, you need to make sure the solution you are using isn't too harsh. The soap should not be permitted to dry on surfaces, including those which aren't meant for cleaning and disinfecting. It's crucial to properly read the instructions supplied with the soaps to follow them carefully whenever you are coping with cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

The most important factor that should be kept in mind when running daily home cleaning is keeping the home free from germs and viruses. Thereby, helping to protect family members, pets, and even furniture. Cleaning alone will not prevent all threats from coronavirus. Nonetheless, they will greatly reduce the risk of infection, discomfort, and even death.

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