Carpet cleaning figures high on the list of household concerns. While carpets are a fantastic way to enhance a room, they get a lot of use and abuse. We walk across them every day, spill food and drinks on them, expose them to our children and pets, but cleaning carpets without the correct products and tools can damage our investment, causing wear and tear or fading the color of the carpet.

A freshly cleaned carpet that has been treated by a professional can make a home or office seem like a completely new place. A clean carpet can transform a space, giving it a seemingly brand new look and feel and making us feel like our environment is pristine and sanitary. Yet traditional carpet cleaning products leave much to be desired.

More and more consumers are making the decision to use environmentally friendly products to clean carpets at home and at work. As human beings, we realize that we need to live with purpose and good intentions to ensure that future generations will be just as happy as we are and have the same opportunities that we have.

We also now know that green cleaning products are just as effective, if not more so, as conventional products, and that choosing Eco-friendly cleaning products can be extremely cost-effective. In the home and office, synthetic carpet fibers and can contain harmful substances such as acetone, benzene, and formaldehyde. On top of this, substances traditionally used to clean carpets often include pesticides, lye, and acids. In fact, many of the chemicals professional carpet cleaners use are cancer-causing carcinogens.

This mixture of harmful substances can cause hormonal imbalances and other related health issues and can lead to nausea, sneezing, asthma, headaches, and fatigue. Unfortunately, the family members that are most vulnerable to these adverse health effects are children and pets – they spend most of their time in close contact with the carpet.


Naturally Green Cleaning presents businesses and consumers with an earth-friendly carpet cleaning solution – an organic cleaning system free of chemicals at an affordable price. Owner Bryan Angstman has worked in the environmental consulting field for fifteen years and has developed a natural cleaning solution that will leave carpets sparkling while easing your concerns about potential harm to your health or the earth.

This natural carpet cleaning system dries quickly – within one to two hours, limiting the potential for mold growth. Traditional carpet cleaning methods use an enormous amount of water, anywhere from fifty to eighty gallons per one thousand square feet of carpet.

After a conventional carpet cleaning treatment, a staggering thirty to fifty gallons of contaminated water is picked back up from the carpet, and by law needs to be treated – increasing the cost of the service. The remaining twenty to thirty gallons is left in the carpet and pad and will not dry adequately enough in the five to six hours it takes before mold starts to set it. Once mold becomes set into a carpet, it is almost impossible to remove.


Naturally Green Cleaning uses practices that embrace water conservation, using a low moisture cleaning system that requires just two to five gallons of water per one thousand square feet of carpet as opposed to the standard fifty to eighty gallons that conventional steam cleaning uses. The product dries quickly – within one to two hours, eliminating the potential for mold.

Studies have even shown that earth-friendly, low moisture carpet cleaning can nearly double the life of the carpet in your home or business. This treatment can extend a carpet's expected lifetime to thirteen years as opposed to the eight years you might expect from conventional cleaning. We offer an organic, safe, non-toxic cleaning solution for your carpet that works better than conventional carpet cleaning while extending the life of your carpet at an affordable price. Our consultations are free, and you can contact us online, or by calling us at the office. We would love to begin a conversation with you about how your carpet can be as clean as it was the day it was installed – and how to keep it that way.