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By Bryan Angstman, founder of Naturally Green Cleaning

Finding a reputable company for Covid 19 cleaning service in Los Angeles is getting more critical as businesses worldwide start to reopen after quarantines. Deep cleaning for your business and home is something people don't do enough. By hiring a respected company like Naturally Green to assist your business or home become disinfected from COVID, you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. You don't want to make mistakes and waste time only to get yourself, your family, your employees, or your customers sick. But if you're determined to do it yourself, below is a guide that I hope you’ll find helpful.

Most commercial cleaning businesses and carpet cleaning services in L.A. are focused on touch point cleaning and fogging. If you're a landlord, take note because the same information applies to residential environments. These are the most effective methods of disinfecting for the coronavirus. Note: if you have a maid, please ask them to read this article.


Using specialized foggers for Covid Cleaning Service in Los Angeles

I'd like to start off by talking about what residents in Los Angeles, from Downtown to Hollywood, about what they need to do to protect themselves. Now that quarantine is slowly ending, and we're going back into the world, it’s going to be extremely important you make these new habits part of everyday practices. You've all seen the memes, cartoons, or flyers making fun of the virus, but it's no laughing matter when it comes to protecting your business, office, or loved ones. This is far more dangerous than the flu.
This matter is about your home and workplace because the process is the same, but in the transition back to the workplace, this process is going to become more critical because you don’t want to bring the virus back to your or your employee’s families.

These common touchpoints are everywhere, inside and outside. They need to register in our minds so that we start thinking before we even touch them so we have less cleanup and build safety into the way we move. We also want them to start being the places we regularly clean. If you're looking for info on Covid cleaning prices, please visit our blog page titled "how much is Covid cleaning?"

Let’s explore the best methods for keeping everyone safe. The first work I referred to as touchpoint is what we all have been reading about and seeing on TV

To remove dirt, grease, or a virus of any kind. It's the first thing the CDC – Center for Disease Control – asked people to start doing. Wash your hands for 20 seconds, right? Wipe down the most touched areas, right? And most of us started doing it but lost interest as the monotony at home wore on. But it’s still essential for the removal of Covid 19, also known as the coronavirus. These frequent touchpoints are everywhere, inside and outside. They need to register in our minds, so that we start thinking before we even touch them. This way, we have less cleanup and build safety into the way we move. We also want them to start being the places we regularly clean.

Watch Bryan on the Business TV show

All In with Bryan Weatherford talking about green cleaning and disinfection services


At Naturally Green Cleaning, we do two types of cleaning for Covid:

  • Preventative Disinfecting - disinfecting services, professional sanitizing services, or anything in compliance with CDC guidelines
  • Coronavirus Confirmed Cleaning - deep cleaning, electrostatic sprayers, disease control, environmental services, etc.

For all kinds of establishments in Los Angeles. Unlike regular janitorial services, we do a far better job and even certify the premises with a written certificate. Our services are so thorough, that we could also clean the streets of Skid Row!

Of the two types, the preventative COVID cleaning Los Angeles county is the most important because this stops the virus from spreading before it starts. Coronavirus Confirmed case cleaning is essential as well, but this is reacting to a threat already present. You want to be as proactive as possible. We’ve seen so many cases where little or no preventative solutions others put in place that often result in an explosion of evidence in an entire building or dwelling you may avoid with the proper protocols.

A thorough wipe with special cleaners to disinfect all possible surfaces would ultimately be the best, but it comes with a cost that is not very practical. Can you imagine the time and cost of wiping down all of the schools, restaurants, or hotels in California?

While you can reasonably wipe with special cleanings for small houses and apartments, it’s just not practical for most business owners in Los Angeles. That’s why our two-phase system:

  • Touchpoint Cleaning for the novel Coronavirus
  • Disinfectant Fogging using electrostatic spraying

gives you focused disinfecting on the hot spots and overall disinfecting that covers all the less active areas. It’s the same way you would best do this yourself.

Touch Point

For Los Angeles business owners all over the map, it is incredibly important to have written protocol on disinfecting we can stringently enforce. There are many benefits of touchpoint cleaning which you can find out here.

Our two-phase system of touchpoint and fogging is the most comprehensive method for deep disinfection. Touchpoint focuses disinfecting on all the areas most used and, therefore, at the highest risk during this domestic and worldwide epidemic. Foggers are potent tools for complete deep cleaning and disinfecting from covid in Los Angeles. Fog disinfecting covers the entire room and will help control the virus in areas that are not considered the vital touchpoints.

Disinfectant Fogging

The fogging I mentioned earlier is a disinfectant broken down into small airborne particles. Foggers can coat an entire room with disinfectant, killing any persistent virus lingering around. By combining these two methods, we focus on the touchpoints that are most likely to transfer the virus. That way, we’re less exposed to the virus. Then we use fogging as a general blanketing of disinfectant to cover areas that would be less likely but possible transmission points in any kind of facility, home or business, thus, reducing any possible contamination and damage. The only thing better than fogging would be to use fire from a flamethrower.

Our Services include wiping down refrigerators

Note: Our Services Include Wiping Down Refrigerators

Prevention instructions

Everybody needs to restructure their thinking and start to focus on the frequent touchpoints. That way, we don’t need to hire a company to get things cleaned as often — the fewer cleaners we all have in our lives, the better. By thinking about what we can prevent, we can save in coronavirus removal time or money and go back to enjoying the beautiful weather here in L.A.


For example, what type of items get passed from one person to another? The items that come to mind are:

  • Money
  • Pens
  • Papers
  • Plus, many other things

It’s a good mental exercise to ask yourself these questions:

  • What areas in a home or business are most likely to exposed on a regular basis?
  • What article of clothing is most likely to come into contact with hands?
  • What street did your shoes pick up something?

Where this important in your home or business is that people can come in and touch something and spread the virus, especially at night. Maybe somebody at your business or office gives a gift, or they go into the bathroom and flush the toilet or use the sink. They may have turned the light switch on and off. The possibilities are pretty obvious. Keep these things in mind when using your home resources for covid cleaning Los Angeles. Better yet, hire a professional company like Naturally Green Cleaning to get your home or business certified virus-free. We clean everything from:

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Terminals at The Airport

What if someone who touched these points or things had the coronavirus or any other kind of virus or bacteria? It could easily live on those items. Did you know that COVID-19 can be persistent on some surfaces for over two days? It's especially true with the excellent weather in Los Angeles; viruses like it too. What then if you or your kids touch the light switch, use the doorknob, the toilet handle then maybe picked their nose, touched their cheek, or rubbed their eyes? Hopefully, they washed their hands first, but sadly that's not always the case.


Job's disinfection of the facilities

Maybe you washed your hands thoroughly then turned the light switch off as you walked out. You could have contracted the virus! Same thing with take-out food. How do you know that whoever prepared the food cleaned their hands? You might think, “Hey, I just washed my hands; how bad can it be?” Bang, then you were exposed to the virus and didn’t even know it. Los Angeles is ripe with opportunities to catch the virus. Just be thankful we don’t live in New York.

In Los Angeles, procedures for the prevention of contamination are better than a process for removing the pathogens.

These scenarios are unlikely, but still, a real possibility, especially when large groups of people are present. An aerial view of the city of L.A. shows how vast Los Angeles is. COVID 19 pandemic is almost unavoidable. The point is that we should all stop it from happening to begin with by taking better precautionary measures. It’ll help limit any chance of it happening at your Los Angeles workplace or dwelling so that you, your coworkers, or your family don’t get sick. It doesn't matter if you live in Canada or the United States, Italy, or Australia. These same types of methods and preventative measures correctly applied, would eliminate a chance for you to get infected, and Los Angeles is no exception.

How could this pandemic happen?

The Covid-19 situation is absolutely crazy. We’re talking about the possibility of life vs. death, just from proper handwashing and janitorial services. Tens of thousands of people have already died, and millions have contracted the virus. Warning signs have echoed about this type of pandemic threat since 2009. They repeated in 2010 and again in 2011. It’s a shame that the proper authorities didn't make more considerable precautions over a decade ago. We had more warning signs in 2012, 2013, 2017, and 2018, and yet, when the coronavirus broke big in 2019, it was as if the entire world was surprised and caught off guard. How can this be? Why were the proper guidelines not considered? It’s not like Los Angeles, and the rest of the world didn’t have adequate information on the possibility of a terrible global pandemic.

Where Was The Public Safety Response?

For example, the EPA knew long ago about the threat of a pandemic similar to the nature of Covid-19. Yet they did nothing to prepare the public about good housekeeping and decontamination measures. The CDC, or Center for Disease Control and Prevention, was well aware of the threat of a viral scenario like the one plaguing the world right now. Nobody put anything in place and didn't get ready the necessary equipment. They were more concerned with beautiful photography. They didn't create the proper guidelines. It seems absolutely unfathomable that the global community could be in this situation. Way on the other side of the earth, Los Angeles residents got affected by something that originated in China. You can learn more here why Sars Covid-19 is very different from other viral outbreaks.

Cleaning in The Workplace

In the workplace, it's an even more complicated scenario. There are many more surfaces that are regularly touched. Restaurants, fast-food businesses, stores, and offices will all need a plan to disinfect and decontaminate them periodically. Cleaning air ducts is a great way to help disinfect your home or business from airborne pathogens. The purpose of this process is to increase safety and reduce potential damage to people and the surrounding communities. Thankfully we’re approaching summer in Los Angeles, and that will help curb the spread of the virus.

People frequently touch many items in any business without gloves, including light switches, the interior of bathrooms, typical doorknobs, elevator buttons, and perhaps a Los Angeles park stairway and other railings people frequently touch. They might spread the virus at the water station and get their germs on the copy machine. They might spread coronavirus on a Point-of-Sale system they developed. You must consider all these objects when treating a facility. Soap and water are the bare essentials. But you need much more when dealing with the corona virus as it lingers and spreads like nothing we've encountered in decades.

My Experience As a Professional

My background for nearly 20 years is with cleaning. I’ve seen uncountable types of illnesses created by dirty homes and businesses. I know the destructive power of pathogens. I’ve been tuned in to how little droplets of human saliva can cause considerable risk to the elderly or immunocompromised individuals. I’ve preached to my customers for years on how important it’s to process foods and wash their counters properly, have proper ventilation, remove dirt from their desks, and institute controls for the appropriate prevention of the spread of disease. Even OSHA has nothing on my strict adherence to safety.

How to Kill The Virus at Home or Work in Los Angeles

When I personally go out anywhere in Los Angeles now, I’ve learned just to wear disposable gloves or have some disinfectant wipes with me to disinfect my hands after contact. Sometimes I use hand sanitizer too, even if I’m driving for a long time on the freeway because things get kicked up from the road and other cars. But be careful, you don’t want to get distracted, wiping your hands and crash into a palm tree. The question to ask is, “how do you limit touching those common points when you go outside, so you don’t bring it back to your workplace or home?

Now that we’ve a kind of mindset for this new style of thinking about prevention, let’s talk more about Covid Cleaning Los Angeles and what kills this virus.

Choosing Natural or Synthetic Cleaning Products

I tend to promote natural products because they’re better for your health. They’re safer for kids and pets, and they benefit the elderly as well. They’re also a must for people with allergies or other health problems and preexisting conditions.

Some excellent natural products will kill the virus, and I just so happen to make some of them in my office laboratory in L.A. If you hire Naturally Green Cleaning to come to your home or business, I’ll leave you a sample that you can use yourself.

Disinfectants Don’t Clean The Same as Sanitizers

Regardless of the product you choose to use, the number one thing I'm going to suggest for your home and work is a disinfectant that kills it. The alcohol-based hand gels are OK, but you need to be aware many of these are not effective against the coronavirus. Alcohol will nullify the virus if it is 70% or higher. But a lot of the hand gels that are promoting themselves as disinfectants, and neutralizers aren’t effective against viruses at all. It's because they simply don’t have enough alcohol.

They also don’t have the right ingredients or quantities of ingredients. I suggest looking for a disinfectant that can kill the virus quickly. These can be special disinfectant wipes if you can get them. They’re currently tough to find. Otherwise, seek out some type of bottle of domestic disinfectant for use on the go, at home or at work. In our professional covid cleaning Los Angeles services, we’ve chosen to use only FDA and hospital certified products, which we believe to be the most effective in fighting the virus.


I suggest changing your bed sheets at least twice a week. You could replace all the bedding even more often if it makes you feel better. Even the bedspread should be changed once a week. It's incredible how quickly you can transfer things if you come into the bedroom to change your clothes or lay down after you've been outside. You may also want to have your mattresses professionally cleaned. The sweet spot I mentioned means moving your shoes somewhere when you enter your Los Angeles home or business. We call this a touchpoint pod, and that's an area we clean regularly. This process is for dirty things like soiled or wet laundry, dirty shoes, gloves, hats, etc.

Job in a protective suit and gloves to protect his body and hands


Experts say you can simply use regular old laundry detergent to clean your bedding and clothing to remove the coronavirus. Regular soap and water work well. You don’t need antibacterial soap to get the job done. The coronavirus is relatively weak in that sense as disinfection on things like keyboards or hands can be done pretty easily if you're careful not to spread the germs instead of cleaning them.

Guidelines from the EPA recommend cleaning areas at work and home with a good disinfectant. We use Milgo Plus because it’s FDA and hospital certified. This guidance is sound advice. As I mentioned above, not all hand sanitizers are effective. The same is true for disinfectants. You can’t count on a product like Simple Green, 409 or Windex to do the job correctly. The Center for Disease Control reiterates this advice for prevention in Los Angeles and beyond. If you’ve any questions about a particular product, please feel free to contact us using the contact form on our website.

When you start your cleaning process, here is a basic checklist:

• Door knobs
• Light switches
• Lamps
• Keyboards
• Computer Mice
• Counters
• Desks
• Rugs
• Sinks
• Bathroom surfaces
• Remote controls
• Phones
• Coffee Machines
• Faucets
• Microwaves
• Tools

Anything that people can touch regularly, wipe this list of items down with a qualified surface disinfectant. This care guidance and information are just the start. Use your common sense to find other surfaces that could use cleaning, especially if anybody who has visited the premises has symptoms.


We all need to be more aware when you enter a business or home, you need to be mindful of what you’re bringing in so you can make sure you’re wiping those things down and disinfecting them. That will help reduce occupational exposures to Sars Covid 19 pandemic and go a long way towards reducing infection prevention.

Disinfecting groceries
When you go to the grocery store and return home, lay a mat down, or a piece of plastic or something you can quickly disinfect. Put the groceries on that plastic then wipe down the paper exteriors with the disinfectant. Do the same with any bottles or any packaging. If you’ve any recyclables, I recommend taking them right out to your recycling bin. If you’ve trash, remove it and put it outside rather than use your inside trash can.

Personal virus prevention
Now that we've talked about getting things in from outside of a Los Angeles business or household, we need to focus a little more specifically on how we take care of ourselves by wearing a mask without touching your face. Recommend that your employees do the same.

Use a Well Fitting Mask

It's essential to have a well-fitting mask so that it effectively filters out the Covid-19 virus. We can help train you and your employees and give some crucial tips for covid cleaning Los Angeles when we come out to disinfect your home.

Once you are in public in L.A., or at work, it's important not to touch the mask. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a Union Station or a local park, you should always wear a mask. If the cover has any virus particles on it, and you touch it, you could defeat the whole purpose of the mask. That's another reason that it's essential to get an excellent fitting mask. Poorly fit masks slip off of the face and require constant readjustment.

Choosing The Right Mask

We recommend the type of masks that are like pantyhose material (nylon or spandex). They do a great job, form-fit much better, are more comfortable and don’t make it harder to breathe. You don’t have to keep adjusting them because they fit so well, which can compromise the purpose of the mask, make sure to wash it once you’ve finished using it. Los Angeles is often windy, keep that in mind when touching things.

When you have finished using the mask, wash it in warm soapy water or with your regular clothing. You could also spray it with some disinfectant and let it sit for ten minutes and then dry it in the sun if the weather is good in Los Angeles county. You could also dry your mask in a room with a fan, or the dryer. A disposable mask is another option you could use. But these aren’t very environmentally friendly.

Having a couple of masks can help when cleaning one. That way, you’ve one to wear during your L.A. travel while the other is cleaning and drying. Another general rule of thumb is to use high heat to disinfect and remove the coronavirus. You could put your reusable masks in a high heat dryer running for 20 to 30 minutes, which should be enough to kill the coronavirus. If you’ve domestic help, it’s a good idea to have them wear masks and advise them on proper use and cleaning.

I see a lot of people wearing masks when they’re driving in Los Angeles county. It's not necessary at all. I don’t wear them and neither should you. If it makes you feel better, then feel free to wear a mask while driving. But it's just not necessary. Masks only help when there is a high likelihood of coronavirus droplets in the air. That isn’t going to be the situation when you’re driving around. Any air that enters a car is “clean” because the coronavirus droplets would fall to the ground before they enter your car.

Naturally Green ensuring the safety of the vending machines


I also recommend wearing gloves in Los Angeles as much as possible. Whether you're an L.A. businessperson such as a restaurant, a construction company, an office building, or even a janitorial service, it's critical to wear gloves to help prevent the spread of disease. Every man, woman, and child should be aware of all the exposed surfaces to the novel coronavirus or Covid 19 pandemic and wear gloves when handling all materials. You don’t need gloves with a fancy design or colourful background. You don’t need to pay more for a pair of gloves with an elegant logo. Any essential glove will work. We recommend reusable gloves as they save money and environmental resources, but disposable gloves work perfectly well. When cleaning reusable gloves, use the same guidelines discussed above for face masks.


You need to wear a pair of gloves when you're driving and when you go to the store in Los Angeles; also you must wear gloves when performing disinfection. If you go to a store for personal reasons, you should wear gloves. But take the gloves off when you start driving. Then put on another pair of gloves before you grab the groceries or other goods. Then take them into the house and disinfect the groceries and wash the reusable gloves, or throw away the disposable gloves if you're lazy and inconsiderate of the environment. This process is an excellent way of making sure that you're not transmitting anything from outside to the inside of your home, office, restaurant, or building.


When it comes to work areas, the main points we clean with our Covid Cleaning Los Angeles services are the common areas. My best suggestion is to avoid those areas as much as possible when you’re working. It's not always practical, but it keeps a separation from you and your team from the customers who patronize your business. If you’ve to touch things over and over, be mindful of what you touch so you can limit cross-contamination, this applies to L.A. County as much as anywhere else.

Taking Responsibility For Your Safety

To clean yourself and stay safe during this pandemic and beyond, it's going to come down to you doing your own sanitizing and social distancing to keep yourself safe at work. Although we’re working with business owners in finding solutions to make the workplace safer, in doing so, many of our traditional human customs will need to change. We’ve already started seeing the handshake transitioning to the elbow bump, but even that is too much contact, as the CDC has announced.

I think it would be wise here in Los Angeles to learn from Asian traditions and start bowing.


Being Safe When Returning to Work in Los Angeles

The most important thing you, your employees, and your families can do before returning to your workplace and enjoying the view of your downtown Highrise is to come self-contained. Bring your coffee, water, food, etc. Focus on being in a bubble with as little interaction as possible. Have your disinfection solution and use it all the time. Keep away from others as much as possible and keep within 6 foot safe space when walking down the street or talking to somebody, regardless if you need that human element in your life.
It's important to note you should clean the workplace bathrooms at least 2 to 3 times a day. Regular professional carpet cleaning is also recommended for high foot traffic areas. For areas where multiple people are utilizing facilities like water stations, we each need to do our touchpoint disinfecting as we go. We recommend signage in all Los Angeles bathrooms to advise workers and employees to be mindful and clean up after themselves.

Mindfulness is the best way to mitigate risk

As you probably know, soap and water will do wonders for your hands. Frequent changing of clothing will help matters even more. But it’s the mindfulness that might matter the most. Most people aren’t also aware of how many things they touch daily. Not to mention how often those things are laden with harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and filth.

Thanks to Our Frontline Workers

Healthcare workers, such as nurses and doctors, have it the worst. Other workers on the front lines, like firefighters police officers are also exposed much more often. That's why we’re happy to provide our front line workers a discount for any of our services.

Let Us Do The Work For You

When you hire Naturally Green Cleaning for Covid 19 cleaning services, we’ll make sure that when we leave, we’ll wipe out the coronavirus from your Los Angeles county business, community meeting place, or home. It includes 99.9% of all other germs and bacteria as well. Our L.A. team of experts will use a professional process that will eradicate your workplace from Covid-19 and give you a clean bill of health. You can be sure that when you open your doors to customers, they can rest assured they’re patronizing a business that is safe and clean. We even issue a professional paper certificate that you can display to your patrons.

If your Los Angeles county business is open or you’re planning on opening it as the quarantine expires, and the authorities relax the restrictions, hiring us to come clean your business is a great way to start. Not only we’ll thoroughly disinfect your facility, but we’ll help you devise a plan specifically for those workspaces and work areas that you frequently use and are subject to cross-contamination between your workers and customers.

We can also help advise you on how you should go about handling a family member or employee who may have had exposure to the virus via droplets or anything else. We’ll help you retrace their steps and clean anything they may have been in contact with to prevent these situations.


It’ll be essential to start tracking and limiting who comes into contact with what. For example, we recommend that for the time being, you limit inter-office employee communications and conversations to keep exposure to the bare minimum. It’s a bummer, but for right now, it’s necessary to keep your house clean and your business safe, so we can all go back to enjoying the weather and beautiful sunsets.


In time, things may return to normal, and we may even forget about this whole mess. Let’s hope for the best, as this has been a tough time for everybody. Until then, please consider using our Covid 19 Cleaning Service to come out to your business or home. We can clean, disinfect, and certify your surroundings so that your family feels safe, and your customers and employees feel secure. We can remove the coronavirus from any kind of Los Angeles building including:

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Malls
  • Shopping Centers
  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums

Whatever the situation, Naturally Green Cleaning has you covered. Our covid 19 cleaning service is an excellent way to start fresh and be virus-free in Los Angeles.

Naturally Green Covid-19 certificate

Get Peace of Mind for your Business or Home

We’ll disinfected your space from Covid-19, and we’ll issue a written certificate to prove it you're covered.

The service includes:
✓ Touch point - for the most commonly touched objects
✓ Deep Cleaning - with a fogger to remove any remaining virus traces
✓ A Certificate - to show your employees and customers your place is safe
✓ Training - learn how to keep and stay protected

Job Spraying

Get Peace of Mind for your Business or Home

Covid cleaning service in Los Angeles is 100% efficient when implemented by experts. Please visit our company home page and navigate to the menu to see a list of all cleaning services we offer to keep keep the coronavirus at bay!

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