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December 15, 2020

5 Quick Eco-Friendly Alternatives

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Product label saying "chemicals"Going Green

Currently, there are many companies who advertise that they are eco-friendly, like organic carpet cleaning services that provide a customer with a product that is safe and wonderful for the environment. At times, for an environmentally aware consumer, it can become overwhelming. "Going green" is a phrase that is simply becoming the norm. The information overload can cause eco-friendly companies to blend into the background. The phrase is everywhere you look: social media, television, internet, billboards, and radio. It is important to know that your individual actions do contribute to helping out the environment.

Below is a list of the top five ways to get you started in going green:

  • Choosing organically grown food to benefit you and the planet
  • Safely tested cosmetics
  • Using renewable power when available
  • Making wise choices for transportation
  • Paying attention to manufacturing methods

Organic Food Helps You and the Planet

Choosing organic food is helpful and contributes to promoting organic agriculture and responsible land use. Fresh tasty food is available to you when you choose seasonal, local, and organic foods. You will even be able to enjoy them on a daily basis. As an interesting fact, organic milk has 68 percent more Omega-3 fatty acids than mainstream milk. Your food choices contribute to lowering the overall greenhouse gas emissions. Buying fresh produce reduces the demand for packaging and energy usage.


The human body absorbs up to 60 percent of the products you put on it every day. On average we use approximately 10 different products on a daily basis, ranging from soaps and shampoos to sunscreens.

Product selection is crucial. Green personal care products use plant-based ingredients versus the petrochemicals other products use. Green products will assist in minimizing the amount of chemicals that are absorbed into your skin.

Renewable Power and Its Availability

Coal-burning power plants contribute to more than half of America’s electricity. But coal-burning power plants are also the country’s largest source for air pollution. Alternative power sources such as wind, thermal, and solar power are available. You can purchase renewable energy credits and contribute to creating a greater collective generating more clean power.

Better Transportation Means Less Global Warming

Consumers vote with their dollars; when you choose to walk, ride a bike, carpool or take public transportation you are voting and sending a message. Smarter choices in transportation will assist in slowing climate change. Greener options, such as trains for long distance travel, will reduce carbon foot prints.


Everything comes from somewhere and the retail store is the last stop before it enters your house. Essentially, everything you own has an environment impact. When you are selecting products, look for goods made from green or greener materials, such as green carpet cleaning, sustainable harvested wood, organic cotton, or repurposed and recycled materials. Each individual choice leads to a greater effect and will assist in the protection of habitats, forests, water, and biodiversity. Consumers should also take into consideration that the manufacture of the product they are purchasing is engaged in sustainable land-use practices.

Following these suggestions will help you get started in making decisions that are healthy and great for the environment. Ultimately, it is up to us to make responsible decisions that are helpful to everyone as a whole. Our individual choices effect more than ourselves. Their outcome influences the state of our planet and our quality of life.

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